When someone says “VR porn”, they typically mean 180° 3D porn. That certainly has its place, but eventually you’ll tire of super low quality, out-of-scale videos, and want to experience something more customizable. Something you can move around in. Something you choose who’s viewpoint you’re inhabiting. Something altogether more like.. actual, interactive, virtual sex.

So we’ve done the dirty for you, tried some out, and found the best experiences out there. Read on.


Yiffalicious is already well developed furry sex simulator, which recently added basic VR support. It has a number of environments, anthropomorphic characters for every creature you can think of, as well as props (like a pillory) to add into scenes. The game consists of a scene creator (not in VR), as well as scene playback (which does support VR, albeit only with a mouse and no motion controls yet).

There’s a huge number of ready-made scenes for you to choose from though, so don’t let the idea of having to make your own put you off, but if you did want to, you could really create some incredible augmented reality sex scenes with the help of your Bad Dragon toys.

Yiffalicious is not the only the most polished VR sex game I’ve seen so far, it’s also not restricted to just the straight male – you can inhabit the females and enjoy a virtual pounding from a stallion, or whatever floats your boat.  Tip: if you’re trying to figure how to switch POV, you need to target the character you want to switch to by looking at it, then open up the menu with a right mouse click.

PornFlix and Chill

Anything with “genital physics” in the description is a win in my book. PornFlix and Chill superficially looks like BigScreen, in that you get a living room and a big TV screen on which to watch … porn. But there’s also a posable girl next to you. You can grab a dildo with your controller, strap the controller onto your waist, and have your virtual way with her. Or grab her by the pussy, if that’s your thing.

You can currently download the alpha v.08 from GameVirt, though you’ll need to support the game through Patreon to get access to the very latest version. The developer is very active, and listens to all requests.


Waifu Sex Simulator

Made by a single developer, Waifu Sex Simulator is all about the hentai – and with patrons pledging around $1500 a month, it’s probably also one of the highest funded. This undoubtedly due to the sheer range of options the game offers. It includes a number of ready made “scripts” for you load in (confusingly, found under the etc menu option) – which include environment, characters and interactions pre-programmed; but other wise it’s essentially a hentai sandbox based off the Japanese MikuMikuDance system. The developer is currently working toward rewriting the whole game engine with Unity, which should improve compatibility between systems.

For a teaser of what the system is capable of, check out Lewd Fraggy’s non-interactive rendered scenes, which can be viewed on any VR video player or previewed online.


One to Watch: Adult Sandbox

Adult Sandbox is, as the name suggests, also a sandbox app for scripting your own experiences, featuring more western/non-hentai models. It’s currently in super early alpha stage, so we’ll update when there’s something a bit more solid to see. The video preview below should give you a quick taste, though.

Also Watch: Virt-a-Mate

Also an adult sandbox style game, this one is still in super early stages of production, and there’s no demo available yet. The first demo is likely to be a very limited experience based on what’s shown in the video below. You can find full details on the features in this Reddit thread.


We think virtual, computer-generated sexual experiences are the future of VR porn – and what you can see above are just the first generation. Have we missed your favorite? Let us know in the comments so we can check it out!