It’s said that sexual fetishes and kinks develop around puberty, but I’d argue that actually, they may be ingrained much earlier—or we may even be born with them.

Well before I had even the slightest inkling of what sex was, I can identify early signs of kinks and fetishes manifesting themselves. Here I present three of my own fantasies as a child, and how they were clear evidence of later fetishes that would develop.

First: Diapers/Nappies

I’m starting with this one because it could be argued either way: as a cause or early manifestation of kink. In primary school (or Elementary school, for my US readers), my parents both worked full time, so I was picked up from school by a childminder. She was a mother too, and had a daughter a few years younger than me. She had a large playroom, and in it sat the biggest pile of disposable nappies I’d ever seen. I longed, more than anything, to wear them. I wasn’t allowed, but I’m sure I asked if I could. It was the feel of the plastic that I enjoyed so much. I never lost that desire to wear, or the simple pleasure of touching soft plastic. Over the years I found that yes, diaper fetishes were actually a thing, and most fetish gear was made of plastic or latex. Most ABDL folk can trace back their love of diapers to a very early age, often as young as they can remember, so this certainly isn’t unique.

Second: Bondage

I had a lot of stuffed toys as a kid. Enough that I could put them all under the covers and completely bury myself in them. Which I did. Frequently. To send myself to sleep, I would pretend that I was breaking into the king’s castle, through some long and windy tight crawl spaces. And at some point, there would be a teddy bear trap. The trap was fiendishly simple. As soon as I entered it, hundreds of soft toys would be released from above, tumbling down upon me. I was restrained by cuddly toys, unable to move an inch because they were so many crammed in the trap with me. I’m afraid it’s a little anti-climactic at this point, as I’d fall fast asleep, so it never really progressed beyond that. Was this an early manifestation of enjoying being restrained; or was the innocent childhood fantasy of being smothered with cuddly toys enough to trigger a lifelong love of bondage?

Third: Femdom and Submission

When I was a little older, perhaps seven to ten years old, we frequently took long car rides on holidays. I say “long”, but six or seven hours is probably nothing to some readers. To me a Brit like me though, where everything is a few hours away, it felt like forever. During these epic road trips, I’d close my eyes, and fantasize of an epic war between girls and boys. There were all the hallmarks of a young boy’s typical fantasy: guns and spaceships and pewpew lasers.

But there was another thread that ran throughout: I felt out of place among the boys. I wanted to escape. I wanted to serve the girls, on their side. Their society seemed to be so much more advanced. They had a massive glass dome and everything! The boy’s side was positively ape-like by comparison.

It was widely known throughout the boy’s camp that the girls would sometimes bring their defector vans to the battlefield, drive right up to the trenches, and rescue anyone that wanted to be taken away. When it finally came to me, I dropped my weapons and ran into the van. The girl officer was very apologetic, but insisted I would have to be packed into a tight plastic transport chest for my own safety—and theirs—during the journey back to … well, wherever it was. At the age of ten I already wanted to be put into a vacuum bed.

Upon arrival, I would go through weeks of training to remove my aggressive boy ways, then eventually I would be adopted into servitude of a female family. Part of my new role also included manning the massive lasers that were used to shoot down invading attack planes; for some reason, girls apparently weren’t capable of that, or perhaps weren’t willing to lower themselves to that level. It was felt that as boys, we were responsible for safeguarding them from the war we’d created and continued to persist. No one really knew why we were fighting anymore.

I kept this fantasy going through many long car trips, and after a few years, it did of course turn sexual. Apparently, the girls had yet to figure out the concept of artificial insemination, so once a week I was shipped off to the fucking chambers to service whoever needed a child. What happened to male children? Shut up, I was 12, I didn’t care.

How About You?

Can you trace back any of your fetishes to when you were young? Do you think they caused it or were simply early manifestations of it? Let me know in the comments!