Most hip dolls tend to be scaled down for ease of storage, shipping weight, etc. But what if you don’t want something in the usual petite size, and would rather something a little larger than life? Something more akin to the size of, I don’t know, a large family oven?

In that case, there is only one hip doll masturbator for you, and she’s called Narumi’s Outrageous Ass, the Megahip 2.0, available now from for US readers or for EU and UK… but fair warning, this isn’t cheap.

So who’s this Narumi lass, and why makes her ass so special?

According to the short manga on the side of the box, Narumi is your busty classmate, and she’s noticed you checking her out. She’s enormous and weighs 17kg (or 37.5 lbs)—and remember that’s not a full-body doll; it’s literally just a hip. I mean this is comically large.

But to make this point even clearer, here she is next to some other hip dolls (from right to left), the Sinloli Sherry (very much petite size); the more realistic-sized sinloli Ethel; and the “I wonder if my Ikea shelving will even hold all this weight”-sized Narumi’s MEGAHIP 2.0:

Visually, Narumi is incredibly captivating if you’re into big girls, right down to the beautiful folds or love handles on the side, and the large mons-pubis. I mean this isn’t just a fantasy pretend big but actually small for commercial viability reasons…it’s literally big even next to a suitably chubby me.


In terms of construction and materials, in order to keep the weight down (yes I did just say to keep it down), its made of a solid foam core with an inch or two of TPE layered everywhere around it. Unfortunately that means there’s very little jiggle. If you’re grabbing hold of an ass cheek or elsewhere, grab too hard and you’ll feel the solid inner layers.

It still feels great to slap her or run your hands along her beautifully smooth ass cheeks—as does any TPE—but it’s far from a realistic feeling of grabbing a chunk of flesh like hip and torso dolls can be. There’s not much of a jiggle factor. Still, the TPE outer layer is incredibly realistic and soft, like gorgeously smooth skin.

There’s little in the way of realistic coloration on Narumi, and she’s a little darker-skinned than I imagined (or in comparison to other toys I own, anyway).

She features a single fluorescent pink highlight powder haphazardly sprayed onto the pussy and belly button—you can even see it glowing under UV.

I hope the color highlight fades with time because it’s not amazing (but it’s also not a huge problem).

Smells Like a Furniture Factory

One thing that really disappointed me out of the box about Narumi is (and there’s no politer way to say this)… the smell.

I can’t tell if it’s some oil from this particular formulation of TPE, or more of a foamy smell from the solid inner core. There’s two small holes on the top of Narumi, which could be to allow some gases to escape, but might equally have just been used to insert the filling. It’s like a furniture factory or something I can’t quite place, but if I’m honest, it’s quite foul and I’d recommend some baby powder to help mask the smell.

The good news is that it has faded somewhat after a month or so—and it didn’t stop me from having a good time with her of course—but you still should be aware of and be ready for the smell. You have been forewarned.

Two (Tight) Holes

In terms of fuckability… Narumi has two fuckable holes, both of which are extraordinarily tight and incredibly deep. I stuck my middle finger in to try and feel the end, but couldn’t. The five-inch drying sticks I use are completely subsumed.

I would have loved to say this means Narumi is great for those of you with long dicks—but actually, it’s probably not, purely because of how tight the entrances are. Out of the box, her holes are smaller than my little finger. Without wishing to sound racist or reinforce any stereotypes, this is something you’ll often find with imported Japanese masturbators and hips—and it’s something I appreciate compared to the sometimes cavernous Fleshlights.

While she’ll loosen up over time, I have to admit that my first few fucks—even for my smaller than average cock—it really was tough to get in. Perhaps you’ll enjoy that aspect of feeling like it’s your first time, or being the one to pop her cherry.

But once I was in … it was absolute heaven.

I do love a tight fuck, and those deep canals (both vaginal and anal with different textures in each) meant I could really pound her without pushing up against the end, which can often happen with smaller onaholes.

A More Realistic Fuck

The enormous size and weight of the hip means a variety of more natural and ergonomic positions are easy, without the use of pillows and other props. Whether you’re taking her from behind or doing a bit of classic missionary, she’s not going to … I want to say run away, but that probably sounds a bit dodgy; she’s not going to inadvertently shift position when your full weight is pushing on to her.

Of course you can also put her on top and let her ride you. In that respect, she’s definitely the most realistic weight of a toy that I’ve tried yet.

But I suspect actually using Narumi is going to be really difficult if you’re above average size because despite being an above average sized hip doll, she is very tight and not very forgiving. Unlike a super stretchy full TPE mastubator, Narumi ultimately has a solid skeletal core of solid foam, so even the most generous of TPE layers won’t be able to expand as much.

Care, Cleanup, and Storage

Again the weight and size are going to be the biggest hurdles for you here. I found just manouvering her around to the shower or bathtub is super tricky. There’s no cleaning accessories included in the box—just the hip doll itself—so at the very least I would suggest picking up a douching attachment for your shower and some doll drying sticks before your first use.

I also found a shower stool helpful to rest her on without putting her on the floor. Because of those vents or filling holes in the top, you can’t fully submerge her in a bath, so be careful not to get water in there.

Once she’s fully dried out with a stick then you’ll want to use a little talc or baby powder to keep her in optimal condition.

Lastly of course, let’s talk about storage, because you probably wouldn’t leave this out on display. It’s really not easy to hide something this big. She won’t fit in a drawer, but you might be able to squeeze her into the bottom of a clean, dry closet or wardrobe.

If You Like Big Butts and Cannot Lie, Narumi is for You

If you don’t mind splashing out a bit, and you have a thing for really thick asses, you just aren’t going to find a comparable hip toy anywhere else. Narumi is by far the biggest and the most realistic size and weight that you’ll find. She’s not a full doll, but she’s all the bits you care about.

She feels amazing as long as you aren’t too big, and that sheer size and weight makes it so convenient to actually fuck her in normal positions.

Narumi is truly a fantasy come true, and I think you’ll love her.

Pick up Narumi’s Outrageous Ass Megahip 2.0 up now from (US) or (EU/UK).