The E-Stim Systems Large Torpedo is a bipolar insertable for those who love to feel stuffed while stimming, for use either anally as a buttplug, or vaginally. I’m testing this out for anal use. Spoiler: it’s incredible.

Disclaimer: I’m not a super-experienced e-stim player. I use a basic DG-Labs Coyote box to control a variety of accessories, and I’m experienced enough in anal play to comfortably take the Large Torpedo, but I won’t profess to know the intricacies of other e-stim control boxes and play methods.

Note: This was purchased from Bondara with the help of a gift voucher from the monthly E-Lust competition. Thank you to OzBigDownUnder for tirelessly organizing this every month!


Packaged in an ingenious twist-locked plastic cylinder, the E-Stim Torpedo is a hefty beast. Don’t throw this packaging away, as it’s a perfect way to keep the Torpedo safe between uses. Upon first unscrewing and letting the Torpedo out, it’s natural to question your life choices and wonder exactly what you’ve let yourself in for. A gargantuan taste of heaven, is the answer, so don’t worry!

The Torpedo has a classic buttplug design, consisting of a smooth cylinder with a rounded head, tapering in to a straight neck (which acts as the insulator), before expanding to the same size again as a short tail.

In a smaller size, I might be a little worried about the flared base also slipping in (after all, if the head went in, the base must be able to!), but in this Large size, it’s less of a concern as it’s likely to hit up against the back of my anal cavity anyway. The bigger problem is keeping it in!

Around the base, you’ll also find some delicate rings to grip hold when pulling it out again.

Made entirely from milled aluminium with a satin finish and a hard plastic stem, the Torpedo isn’t even remotely forgiving. This Large size Torpedo is a full 2 inches in diameter (6.18 inches circumference), with 4.5 inches of insertable length. Yes, it’s as stuffing as it sounds. But to be clear, this isn’t the largest size they offer—there’s also the Stuffer, OMG, and the Decimator.

The base and upper electrode parts are bolted together through the stem, meaning you can unbolt it for cleaning if required; but most of the time a wipe will be sufficient. This bolt also forms one of the electrode sockets.

The sockets accept standard 4mm banana plugs, and we paired our purchase with a set of low-profile banana plug connectors—these are great if you want to sit while wearing this, or otherwise not have the plugs sticking out so much.

The connector cable terminates in a standard mono 3.5mm jack. Since I’m using the Coyote from DG-Labs (a beginner-friendly app-controlled e-stim box), weIalso needed to buy a 3.5mm mono to 2.5mm mono plug adaptor.

Experience Using the Torpedo

Being a size queen, I don’t have an issue with the girth, but the metal is absolutely freezing to the touch, so it’s worth warming it up first, even if that’s just holding it in hand for ten minutes. You might really enjoy the temperature play aspect of this, but living in an old house that can barely get above 18C even with the heating on full blast, the typical ambient temperature makes the Torpedo almost painful to insert.

Once it’s in, of course, it’ll quickly warm up to body temperature, but still. Other than the possibility of a freezer burn(!), and assuming you can take the girth, a little lube goes a long way with this, and the silky smooth surface should mean you have no problem pushing it in. In fact, it might even become your favourite buttplug, even without any electrons shooting out of it yet. It’s that comfortable.

Once you’re hooked up and turned on, the magic truly starts. It’s often said that the larger the surface area of the electrode, the less intense the stimulation. While this might be true, the entire body of the Torpedo and the base are smooth electrodes, so you get fantastically even coverage of stimulation internally. I couldn’t get the Coyote past 40 before writhing with every pulse.

If you’re standing up or in some other awkward positions, you may find it tricky to keep this in, as it weighs almost half a kilo—especially when your muscles are twitching all over the place.

You can also use the Torpedo as a single electrode by just connecting the internal part (along with perhaps a cock ring), or as part of a triphase system. I have yet to try either, but it’s next on the list.

The E-Stim Torpedo is pricey, at around £100/$150, but it’s such a well-engineered and quality product (with a lifetime guarantee, no less), that I have no hesitation in thoroughly recommending it. Just be sure to check the size, because it’s an absolute beast.