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Erotic Fiction

  • Ramone Quides Eggs and Cream; A sensual narrative of cuckolding where the wife brings home a little present for her loving hubby.
  • For Your Heart Only The Shower; A steamy encounter at the local gym.
  • Jasmine Gold Turnabout is Fair Play; A surprisingly honest long-form story that goes beyond the usual BDSM erotica and into the realms of everything that comes after it… then goes right back into it with a bit of role reversal. 🙂
  • Jerusalem Mortimer Bedroom Eyes 35; It’s not always about punishment…

Thoughts & Advice on Kinks, Fetishes, Sex, Relationships

  • Carrie Young The Joys of Erotic Humiliation; My wife often asks what I get out of being humiliated. It’s a fair question, and in this superb long-form guide, Carrie goes into great detail about the pleasure and psychological impact of erotic humiliation.
  • N Likes I don’t really like fucking; An honest, personal reflection on the complexities of sexual enjoyment and preferences.

Product Reviews

Body Talk and Sexual Health

  • LA Jayne The Origin of Pain; a deeply personal look at the failures of the healthcare system for women that was absolutely heartbreaking to read. Go read it.
  • Girl on the Net Sensitivity Training: Sexual Feedback for Shy People; Advice on how shy individuals can provide feedback effectively. As someone who’s basically silent in bed, I appreciate this.

State of the World

  • Hannah McKnight Everybody Knows; In a world where everyone seems to have an opinion on being trans, it’s refreshing to hear from someone who actually is, about such a sensitive topic: why it’s ok to not “pass”. If you haven’t heard it enough already: you’re beautiful, Hannah.

Erotic Non-Fiction

Sex Work