Fucking machines have a reputation for being ludicrously expensive, but they needn’t be. The F-Machine Tremblr is a Venus 2000 clone, at about half the price, but otherwise, identical features.

I’ve long been a fan of the F-Machine company. Their original F-Machine Pro was my first real fucking machine, and hence it holds a special place in my heart for introducing me to earth-shatteringly good ass-poundings, even though the market has now moved on. You’ll find fucking machines now with Bluetooth and web control built-in, such as the Hismith Premium, which make the F-Machine pro look rather antiquated by comparison.

How Does Tremblr Work, and What Does It Do?

Some background is in order first. The Venus 2000 was the holy grail of automated male masturbation for a long time: it milks your penis using a powerful vacuum pump.

Your penis goes into a cylinder fitted with a rubber sleeve, this is open on one end and there’s a one way valve on the other. The suction tube then attaches on the side. As the air is evacuated from the cavity between the rubber tube and the cylinder it creates an equal vacuum around your penis, sucking it in. Then the air comes back, but with that one way valve on the end, a little of that escapes, and keeps some of suction power. This has the effect of both literally sucking your penis and, to a limited extent, sliding up and down your shaft as the suction oscillates on and off.

animation of the fmachine tremblr in action suction chamber receiver

So is that it? Is that what all the excitement is about?

Yes and no.

There are three parameters you can adjust on a Tremblr, but it helps to take a look at the driving mechanism that creates that pumping force to understand better.

If you’ve ever seen a standard oscillating fucking machine this might actually look familiar (because it is). The difference is that the crankshaft is attached to air cylinder rather than a dildo. This back and forth motion creates a hydraulic suction effect.

And much like a fucking machine you can adjust the depth of the stroke, which will affect the amount of suction on each cycle as this rotates.

A short stroke would be best for beginners just to get used to the sensation, while a long stroke is best for those want a more extreme suction power.

However, this is a mechanical adjustment that can’t be done while the machine is in use. On the Tremblr it’s a bit of a faff to adjust, because you need to align the shaft with a tiny opening in the acrylic window. You’re better off finding a sweet spot for you and leaving it there.

changing the stroke length of the fmachine tremblr can be awkward

Another parameter is speed, and this affects the time between air cycles: faster or slowing pumping.

Lastly, there’s an air inlet or outlet valve. This can be tricky to understand, but allows you to add or remove remove suction while in use. A good way to think this is that if it was already oscillating up and down around the top of your cock, you could remove some air, and it would shift the movement down your shaft, sucking you further in.

You can also do the opposite—add some air—and that would move it back up you cock. It also acts as a sort of emergency release if the suction is too strong.

How Do You Use the Tremblr?

The Tremblr actually comes with three different lengths of “receiver”—that’s bit your cock goes into. So it should be suitable for any size, and the one great thing about a suction based masturbator is that you don’t even need to be hard to use it.

what you get with the fmachine tremblr

If you do have erection problems, it doesn’t matterthe Tremblr can still grab on to and work your cock. It works like a masturbator and penis pump combined. Just lube up and stick it in there. It will make you hard—whether you want it or not!

fmachine tremblr in action, fitted onto a penis

Depending on your size you may find it more of less difficult to keep the receiver in place. If you have an enormous statue of liberty-like member then it should stay on, but personally I find holding onto the tube is needed. Some people also find hanging it from the ceiling is effective just to keep it upright.

How Does It Feel?

It’s a unique sensation not really akin to a blowjob or a handjob. It’s a lot more subtle and delicate, and for that reason it’s not something I’ve ever been able to cum with. At least not from this alone. It’s a great addition to other sensations, for sure. It certainly feels good. It’s just not intense enough for me, personally.

There’s no Bluetooth app control or preprogrammed sequencesjust the speed and suction to control manually while in use. It can get a bit…repetitive.

Moreover, if you’re not careful, it can even get a bit painful, just as overusing a penis pump would.

My experience with the Tremblr is marred by the lackluster receivers. There are two things I don’t like about them.

lubed up view of the inside of the fmachine tremblr medium receiver

Firstly, the cylinders are plain black, with a heavy black rubber inner tube. That means you can’t see what’s going on inside. The visual aspect of seeing your cock get squeezed in and out of this thing just isn’t there. The original Venus 2k had clear cylinders, and a light, natural latex that was translucent when wet.

Secondly, because the inner rubber tubes are too thick, and feel like fucking a bicycle tire. Because that’s exactly what they are: inner tubes from a bicycle tire.  There might be a little texture in there, but it’s not pronounced enough to feel.

you can use a different receiver with the tremblr if you want, such as the lovebotz milker

To test this theory, I ordered a replacement receiver for another suction stroker: the Lovebotz Milker. Technically the same, the receiver is transparent and uses a lightweight natural latex liner with a more pronounced bumpy texture. Was it any better? Definitely—being able to see my cock was an improvement—but sadly the suction power just isn’t there. Possibly the one-way valve just isn’t as good.

Does the Tremblr Suck?

If you‘re dead set on a milking pump-style machine, it’s a good budget alternative to the Venus 2000—but you’ll probably want to replace the receivers with something better.

The broader issue is that automatic masturbators have come so far in the past few years that one of the main attractions of the milking machine—the oscillating pump which moves up and down your shaft hands-free—is eclipsed by better toys. There’s a whole range of automated strokers with app control, dynamic stroke adjustments,  scripted sequences, and even the ability to sync to videos…. so the Tremblr just doesn’t cut it anymore.

The only reason left to get a milker is because you desperately want the suction mechanism, perhaps either for medical reasons or just because you prefer it to an automatic stroking action.

But even then… Kiiroo has a suction add-on for their Keon automated stroker, so now you can have the best of both worlds. And while there’s nothing solid yet, the incredible team of makers that built the OSSM servo motor-based fucking machine are working on a system to transform their $300 DIY fucking machine into a comprehensive milker, as well.

So the F-Machine Tremblr (or the Lovebotz Milker) and their more expensive Venus 2000 sibling are already outdated.

It’s hard to recommend the Tremblr wholeheartedly unless you absolutely must have that powerful suction and must have it now. For most guys, there are cheaper, better options out there now. Don’t waste your money on this. Read our best automated masturbators guide to find something better!