Ahoy me hearties! If you’re buying an insertable toy for pegging, you be wantin’ a curve. It’s that curvature that enables it to get in, and up, and hit the prostate—like a curled-up finger. While other toys might have a little nobbley bit or you’ll need to reposition yourself for the best experience, the Captain’s Hook from Hankey’s Toys is an almost comically curved dildo that’s absolutely perfect for missionary styles of pegging positions.

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And it’s not just great for the p-spot; if you like big toys for g-spot stimulation then this should work wonders too. But for now, raise your Jolly Roger, shiver yer timbers, and avast ye: the Captain’s Hook!

captains hook from hankeys toys - packaged up with a sticker

There’s not too much complexity to the Captain’s Hook design. Other than the curve, it’s a fairly realistic texture, with a delectable little ridge around the head and very light veiny details, but nothing too dramatic.

captains hook from hankeys toys - veiny realistic details

The Captain’s Hook signature color is (of course) gunmetal grey, though there’s also a selection of other standard colors if you’d prefer something plainer or more realistic: black, deep brown, or tan. As with all Hankey’s Toys, you can also opt to have yours made in a custom marble duotone coloration, though note this waivers any right to refund, and every toy is hand-poured.

captains hook from hankeys toys - handheld as a hook

Material and Washing

It’s made of platinum cure silicone, which is the absolute best quality of material for a dildo, and means it’s super easy to clean and won’t harbour any bacteria or other nastiness in-between uses. It’s usually sufficient to wash with just a little soap and water, but if you’re really worried or sharing toys for anal and vaginal use, you can either boil it with a little bleach or just throw it in the dishwasher—just be sure to not add dishwasher tablets because they may be too abrasive and damage your toys.

captains hook from hankeys toys - dildos in a dishwasher

When you first unwrap the Captain’s Hook it might feel a bit tacky, and you should give it a quick rinse with soap anyway because there could be some mould-release agent from the manufacturing process. But remember that silicone toys in general tend to be a little tacky until they’re lubed up, and that also means they’re quite likely to collect lint. Silicone is still the best possible material for an insertable toy.

It’s fine to store your Hankey’s Toys next to each other if you have more than one—they won’t react with each other or melt—but if you have some PVC or jelly toys you should keep those away as the colors might stain.

captains hook from hankeys toys - front view curved up touching

Size and Firmness

For the Captain’s Hook, as with most Hankey’s Toys, there are two firmnesses available, and we opted for the firmer option. Sometimes I prefer softer if it looks like there’s going to be too much texture, but I think in this case, the 75% soft option would have wasted that curve.

In terms of sizing, what you’re seeing here is the medium, with 8 inches insertable length, though it’s also available in one size smaller and two sizes larger, ranging from 7 to 10 inches insertable. Rather than the insertable length though, you should always look at the maximum girth that you can handle. For the Captain’s Hook, the girthiest point ranges from 6.7 inches circumference on the small, 8 inches on the medium size, 9.3 inches on the large, all the way up to 10.4 inches on the XL size. For reference, the diameter of a Coke can is just over 8 inches.

captains hook from hankeys toys - handheld in dungeon

Using the Captain’s Hook

As with most Hankey’s Toys, you can also opt to have a Vaculock-compatible hole drilled on the base for use with fucking machines, suction cup adaptors, or some strap-ons. However, I don’t think the Captain’s Hook is a good candidate for fucking machine use. I tried it, and found that the straight insertion angle from a machine was just too tricky. Instead, most of our testing was done using a heavy-duty strap-on, which you’ll also find for sale from Hankey’s Toys.

captains hook from hankeys toys - being worn by girl with a strap on sitting on side of bed.

And in this scenario, the Captain’s Hook excelled. It was even easier than normal for my partner to enter me, and the unique curve meant we could really experience some intimate pegging, lying on top of me and with my legs wrapped around her.

captains hook from hankeys toys - mistress sitting on a chair legs outstretched wearing the dildo strap on

So if you want to take your pirate-themed pegging to the next level, Captain Hook is here to stick it in you, and up, and around, and … arrrrrr, that’s the spot me hearties.

On the other hand, don’t buy the Captain’s Hook if you’re a huge lover of textures, because there’s not a lot here for that. For p-spot and g-spot play though, this is one hook you’ll definitely want to get caught on. Highly recommended.

Thanks to Hankey’s Toys for sending this over for review—check out the rest of their collection at MrHankeysToys.com.