This week in the what-the-hell-am-I-supposed-to-do-with-that category of weirdest sex toys, is this delightful but probably not anatomically correct inflatable latex Frog costume. With a giant dick, obviously – because why not?

inflatable frog

Furries, I get. I really do. Dressing up like an animal for some fun roleplay does indeed sound like a healthy way to release some primal energy. But I always assumed that furry play involved either using your actual dick, or perhaps dressing your dick up a bit to the point where it’s basically still functional. At the very least, attaching a reasonable sized dildo to your costume so your partner can get the real animal appenditure experience.

But this giant inflatable dick – what’s one supposed to actually do with it?

The only thing that comes to mind, is a giant inflatable frog vagina, though I am as yet unable to source one. I guess you could use this realistic dragon mouth instead?

Available in custom sizing and a variety of colours for the low low price of $540 from Aqualatex.

And you know what? Goddammit, I think I want one now.