ABDL play dates can be a lot of fun, but littles tend to have short attention spans, so it’s good to have a range of activities ready. So here’s our list of fun little things to do at your next play date!

  1. Build a pillow fort – make sure you have lots of blankets
  2. Play with LEGO or Duplo
  3. Play dress up – princess costumes always popular!
  4. Give yourself a “little” makeover – with cute hair ties, pacifier, a tutu etc.
  5. Play with stuffed toys
  6. Read to your stuffed toys
  7. Have a teddy bear picnic or tea party
  8. Watch “little” movies and TV shows – Rugrats is always popular
  9. Play nursery rhymes from Spotify
  10. Drawing and coloring
  11. Do “little” crafts, like fingerpainting
  12. Eat “little” snacks or baby food
  13. Play outside
  14. Pick flowers
  15. Jump on a trampoline
  16. Play with bubbles
  17. Even better, have a bubble bath (bath toys essential!)
  18. Impromptu dance party!
  19. Sing Disney songs
  20. Do kids puzzles
  21. Play kiddie board games, like Pretty Pretty Princess
  22. Play in a ball pit
  23. Play Twister; no pants allowed

Got any more ideas? Let us know in the comments!

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