ABDL play dates can be a lot of fun, but littles tend to have short attention spans, so it’s good to have a range of activities ready. So here’s our list of fun little things to do at your next play date!

1. Build a pillow fort

Lay out plenty of blankets and let your littles drape them over chairs to make the walls of your ultimate castle. A mattress provides a sturdy foundation, while cushions can fill in the gaps.

2. Play with LEGO or Duplo

3. Play Dress-Up

Princess costumes are always popular, and of course, make sure you have a plentiful supply of tutus!

4. Little Makeovers

with cute hair ties, pacifier, a tutu etc.

5. Play with Stuffed Toys

Have a nice collection on hand for everyone to play with—or even better…

6. Have a Teddy Bear Picnic

But specify this in advance on the invite, so everyone can bring their favorite plushie.

7. Watch Little Movies and TV Shows

Rugrats is a great hit of nostalgia for most littles that will take them straight into the right headspace, or any classic Disney. Just having it on in the background can be a good focus for someone who isn’t into the main activity.

8. Play Nursery Rhymes from Spotify

You might not be keen on your little one staring at a TV, but you can’t really go wrong with nursery rhymes. Sing-along Disney songs are a favorite too.

9. Drawing, Coloring, and Crafts

Fingerpainting or anything that involves getting their hands dirty is a fun activity that they can take home.

10. Eat “Little” Snacks or Baby Food

While you could attempt to feed actual baby food to your littluns, it might be more … palatable … to make your own. You can always put it into small jars for a more authentic feel. Alternatively, healthy finger foods and snacks are always a winner—just don’t let them get so full they won’t sleep properly!

11. Play Outside

Enjoy the great outdoors! Picking flowers or making a daisy chain is a nice alternative for the more chilled littles.

12. Jump on a Trampoline

Safety first though, make absolutely sure it’s suitable for … littles.

13. Play with Bubbles

Even better, have a bubble bath (bath toys essential!)

14. Impromptu Dance Party!

For the slightly older littles who have outgrown Disney songs, living room discos can be great fun.

15. Do Kids Puzzles

This is a clear winner if you’re on tight a budget. You should be able to find plenty of large piece children’s puzzles at a charity shop / thrift store, or even being throw out by a family in the neighborhood.

16. Play Kiddie Board Games

Pretty Pretty Princess is always good. If you want to go all out, try making a big version of your favorite game to play outdoors.

17. Ball Pit

Inflatable paddling pools are great for this, but make sure they’re big enough for big kids.

18. Play Twister

No pants allowed!

Got any more ideas? Let us know in the comments!