Is your stable looking a bit empty? Do you need a powerful stallion to worship at the balls of, then bend you over and give you the rogering of a lifetime? Let me introduce you to Hunter Jack, a thoroughbred equine cock dildo from Nothosaur, purveyors of fine fantasy sex toys. Saddle up and get ready for a wild ride. 

Hunter Jack arrived well-packed inside a box, which was, in turn, completely enclosed within a bag. You’ll be pleased to know the bag was nondescript; there was nothing on the label to indicate what it was. At least here in the UK, it arrived via our regular mail carrier, Royal Mail. There was no customs label saying “silicone sculpture” or company name that someone might be able to look up; it was completely anonymous. Delivery took about a week, and although it technically came from outside the UK, there was no border hold-up or extra fees to pay.

nothosaur hunter jack box

Inside the box, you’ll find a storage bag complete with their cute monster mascot, a set of stickers, a postcard, a small keyring with a beautiful rainbow monster cock on it, and of course, Hunter Jack himself, as well as a syringe if you opted for the cum tube equipped version.

nothosaur hunter jack bonus bits 1

Size and Design

I opted for it in large size, in hard firmness as recommended, and in the signature color Bounty Noir, a gorgeous realistic brown-black creamy blend with some bronze gold details near the base for Hunter’s little ammo belt style cock ring. One thing to keep in mind is that this marbled pattern is hand-poured, so no two will be identical.

nothosaur hunter jack worn and waving

In this size, it retails at $200; it’s slightly cheaper if you opt for it without the cum tube. Use the code sextoydb for 10% off.

This is very much a realistic dildo, so it features a strongly flared tip, 5.8cm or 2.3 inches in diameter, with veiny details and skin-like texture down the shaft until the widest point of 6.5cm or 2.5 inches.

nothosaur hunter jack design overview

The cum tube is something I will always opt for if there’s the choice; not only is it visually rather fun to be squirting milky lube out from the top, but it’s also kind of useful to re-lube when it’s inserted. That said, it’s quite a long tube, and I found a fair bit of resistance, so it didn’t so much spurt out the end as leak out.

nothosaur hunter jack using the ejaculation tube

This one features a suction cup on the base, which stuck brilliantly to a bathroom tile, but will obviously depend on where you use it. You can opt for a Vac-u-lock hole, but you need to order a separate item, so I skimmed the small print and didn’t see it was an option at the time. But this works fine in a strap-on harness, or I can secure it to a plate adaptor on my Hismith fucking machine without a problem.

nothosaur hunter jack logo and coloration detailing

On the side of the base, you’ll see an indented Nothosaur logo which is really nicely done and just goes to show how detailed the moulds are. Hunter Jack is 100% silicone, so it’s body-safe and super easy to clean. Most of the time, a bit of soap and water is more than sufficient, and believe me, you’ll probably want to take it into the shower with you every day. If you need a deeper clean, just whack it in the dishwasher with no tablet; or if you have a pan that’s big enough, you can boil it with a dash of bleach.

How Does it Feel?

I must admit: this is my first horse dildo. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m no stranger to massive fantasy monster cocks, but so far, I’ve avoided equine dildos because I was afraid of that large flared head and not being able to get it in. But oh my god, how wrong I was. It’s precisely that tapered head that makes it feel so incredible, and I loved it so much that on my first attempt, I was so turned on that I managed to hilt the whole thing, which is quite an achievement for me. The volume is great, but as he thrusts, you can feel the lip drag against the sides, and it’s just divine.

nothosaur hunter jack holding in hand to show size

Of course, you’ll need to ensure it’s not oversized compared to anything else you own, so don’t go crazy, but I know my absolute maximum is about 7cm in diameter, so this is teetering at the edge of that. As you hit the widest part of the shaft (sorry, I’m sure there’s a technical name for that bit, but again, first horse cock), you may also simultaneously reach your sigmoid at the tip, so that’s an added challenge.

This is addictive; it’s one dildo that I’ll never be putting out to pasture.

Hunter Jack is available to purchase from (don’t forget to use the code “sextoydb” for 10% off!)

About Nothosaur

Nothosaur has had some bad press over the years, and I suspect it’s deeply rooted in casual racism, given that Nothosaur is a Chinese company. They’ve been accused of using unsafe body materials—and while I can’t speak for their entire product line, Hunter Jack is definitely good quality silicone, and I see no reason why the rest wouldn’t be. They’ve also been accused of stealing designs—but I’ve yet to see any actual evidence other than “this one looks sort of like that one if you squint”. Without being crass, how many concepts of equine, canine, or scaly dragon cock do you think there are? Genuinely, get off your high horse. I doubt there’s a sex toy company around that hasn’t taken inspiration from an existing design at some point, and lying about toy materials is disgustingly common … among US retailers. Personally, I’ve bought plenty of toys from AliExpress and have never been disappointed by the quality or materials; all it takes is a bit of self-education to be able to identify good-quality toys.