If you’re looking for a gag to force your partner to drink whatever fluids you want, your options are a tad limited. The new Oxballs Watersports gag is the only custom single-piece funnel gag on the market, but is it the piss gag you’ve been waiting for?

Material and Design

The main part of the Watersports Gag is the single-piece molded piss funnel, and you’ll find four different colors to choose from. It features a urinal-type shape, with a 3.5cm gag protruding into your sub’s mouth. The nose area is also cut away for comfort.

The hole at the bottom flows directly into the mouth, without pooling or wasting a drop. The bottom of ours had suffered from some manufacturing defects—possibly a bad pour during the moulding process—though it doesn’t affect the functionality.

On the rear are four cutout holes to attach the supplied harness.

The material is described as “Flex TPR”, which is brand name for a type of thermoplastic. Unfortunately, this is a very broad description, and doesn’t tell you an awful lot about any of the chemicals involved in this particular formulation—it’s not a standard. It does list “phthalate-free”, which is perhaps the nastiest of common chemicals used in these type of plastics.

It feels sticky and rubbery, but I didn’t notice any unusual smells, and I found no discomfort, tingling, or strange tastes when wearing it for prolonged periods. I can’t say what the durability will be like in the long term.

What I will say about the design is that the first point of failure feels like it’ll be where the harness straps attach. Though there is a fair bit of stretch in this material, a small tear would quickly rip through. If you do buy this, I’d strongly suggest actually undoing the straps whenever you use it, rather than trying to stretch the rubber attachment points and pull it over your head, in order to prolong its life.

“Neoprene” Straps

Despite advertising all over the sales pages and packaging that neoprene straps are included, they’re actually nylon. Neoprene is a stretchy wetsuit-like material. These on the other hand have zero stretch, and while the gag remains secure in use, it’s a lot of effort to get on and take off again. Perhaps that’s a good thing? 😈

This isn’t helped by the fact that if you affix the strap in the intended way (with the Oxballs label facing outwards), the push buttons to secure the strap end up being on the inside. This is much harder to adjust; which you need to do, because you can’t simply pull it on and off. As mentioned: the nylon doesn’t stretch. Why they didn’t opt for a more standard buckle design is anyone’s guess.

oxballs watersport gag straps are not neoprene

After taking these and trying to actually wear the thing for the first time, I promptly reversed the entire harness, such that the buttons are on the outside, and the label facing inside.

oxballs watersports gag worn on model head

Curiously, there’s also an additional strap to go over the top of your head that isn’t shown in the box pictures. It’s a welcome addition, but feels a bit last minute when they realized it wasn’t all that secure without it.

Using the Oxballs Watersports Gag

My wife is a squirter, so our first use of the watersports piss gag was making me swallow every last drop of her cum. She nestled my head between her thighs and whipped out her favorite vibrator. It’s a position I love to be in, but we’re usually forced to use a towel, as it’s impossible to catch it all. She doesn’t like a mess (and I don’t like wastage). With the Oxballs Watersports gag, there was no mess; not a drop.

The gag insert doesn’t suppress your tongue, so if you need a break, you can temporarily stop the flow. But unless you take it off, it’s not going anywhere, so you’ll have to finish it up. Knelt on the floor and with my arms tied, I obligingly tipped my head back and let the rest flow in.

Is This The Piss Gag You’re Looking For?

Ultimately, the Oxballs waterspouts gag is a great choice, but only by default. It’s functional and looks incredible. But there isn’t exactly a huge range of piss gags on the market to compare to. The only others I’ve ever been able to find are those sold on AliExpress that basically consists of a plastic funnel plus a regular plug gag harness (I mean sure, that works), or the older design Oxballs piss gag made of silicone with four interchangeable gag inserts. That particular model is now sold all over AliExpress too, but I’ve avoided it so far due to the design of the funnel portion. The inserts have a large bit of vertical wall at the bottom, so you end up with a sizeable pool of whatever liquid you’re dealing with just stuck there. Depending on what you’re drinking, wasting that much might be unacceptable.

The watersports gag is a huge improvement over the previous model if only for the fact that it’s made of a single piece, so every last drop goes down. That said, the material choice is a lot worse. I’m not sure how “Flex TPR” will hold up in the long run, but it definitely isn’t as durable or easily sanitized as silicone. I’ll update if I start to notice the material breaking apart.

I scored the Oxballs Watersports urinal gag a solid 7/10, but there’s a lot of room for improvement. It’s quite pricey for what it is, and that comes with the territory of being a super niche market. If you like the sound of a piss gag to play with but aren’t sure, a simple ring gag and household funnel would do the job fine.