The Qiui Cag.Ink Cellmate 2 isn’t your average chastity cage. It’s a smart device with Bluetooth and remote control, and it includes electrodes that can shock your cock into submission on demand. What could possibly go wrong with a web-connected battery-powered shock cage on your cock?

Is this just a terrible idea all around, or a neat addition to your DS relationship?


The Cellmate 2 comes in two sizes: short and long. The ball-locking part of the cage adjusts when you lock it, so a single size for that is sufficient. The short or long size refers to the length of the cage only. Unfortunately, even the smaller size can be quite … cavernous. Pictured below is “short”.

Inside the cage itself, two electrodes sit on the upper side, closer to the head of your cock (if you fit snuggly). For me, I found unless I was hard, the electrodes didn’t make contact.

A more sensible design might have placed these on the bottom (or even both the top and bottom), so even flaccid cocks that don’t quite fit in the cage could get shocked. That said, if I am hard, the “sting” shock setting has a delightful tingle that will keep me hard indefinitely!

Out of the box, it looks quite massive, but the plastic chunk with the charging port on it can be removed. This isn’t actually the battery, but merely a wireless power adaptor. The USB-C cable goes into this, which then transfers power wirelessly to the battery inside the cage itself. This means you can leave it on comfortably while charging, if needed. Once charged, you can safely remove this chunky bit.

But even then, it’s quite large compared to most cock cages, and isn’t something you could easily hide beneath tight trousers. You’ll definitely look like you have a massive hard-on constantly if you wear tight-fitting clothing.

Fitting your balls into the solid metal ring is the hardest part. Unlike some cages which allow you grab your balls then clamp the ring over, the one-piece metal ring requires careful maneuvering. However, once you’re through, it’s surprisingly comfortable.

You’ll need to unlock the CellMate 2 again if you’ve let the device fall asleep before you’re in properly (which it does after about 2 minutes), as the lock automatically engages and prevents you from tightening it. The unique internal locking mechanism means you can angle the metal ring as tightly into your ballsack as you want. If you’ve found other cages tend to leave too much of a gap, and your balls can often accidentally slip out, this shouldn’t happen here.

In terms of comfort and overall usability then, the Qiui Cag.Ink 2 is actually the most comfortable I’ve tried yet, even if I ignore all the other smart or shocking features. 

The Qiui App

The Qiui app is overall pretty good and reliable, with only a little dodgy English. You can of course use it as a single user, but ideally, you’ll want a partner to install and create their own user account, otherwise, you’ll have full control over your own device. I created an account for my wife, so I should note that I haven’t delved into any of the social features of the app; I’m not interested in giving control to strangers, but that’s certainly possible.

Once your device has been added and both accounts created, you can search for your partner (it’s easy to find nearby users), then assign control to them. At any point, they can hand back control temporarily, or take control forcefully. Regardless of who has control, manual shocking functions are always available. However, only the Master user will be able to set timers. There’s a variety of timer setting methods, from random (within your minimum and maximum limits), manual, and as voted for by other users.

The shock features are quite basic, consisting of 3 types of shock, the first two of which seem to just be a one-off, while the last “sting” setting is a triple whammy that culminates in a little buzzing sensation. The “long shocking setting” means shock for a long time (repeatedly), rather than long-distance.

When a timer isn’t set and hardcore mode isn’t activated (more on that in a moment), both the Submissive and Master can unlock or lock the cage (assuming the device is on). Once a timer has been initiated though, the Submission is locked out of control until the timer expires. At least, to some extent. They can still cancel the timer in the case of emergencies, but that’ll impose timed penalties after repeated use (as in, not being able to use the timer at all until the following month).

Hardcore mode is exactly what it sounds like. Complete ownership will be handed over to the Master user, who will maintain all control. The Submissive will have no emergency escape, and no ability to set anything. Activating this mode requires you to read and understand the disclaimer, then upload a voice audio file of confirmation that you want to go ahead. It also takes 30 days to complete, which acts as a kind of cooling-off period.

What’s Not Great?

The Qiui app won’t actually unlock the cage automatically, so if you have a timer set, it only functions as a control lock-out from the app. Once the timer has elapsed, you still need to wake up the device, open the app, then tap the Unlock icon. It would have been far better if the timer could be “uploaded” to the device itself, with a lock/unlock physical button on the cage. The app should have been used for enhanced features and setting the timer; at that point, it really shouldn’t be needed anymore for that session. Still, it’s possible having an on-device timer would have consumed too much battery life.

In a similar fashion, you can’t actually remote control the device at any time. If you’ve handed control over to your key holder, you still need to wake up the CagInk device before your key holder can lock, unlock, or remotely shock you.

If the device is asleep—which happens automatically after a few minutes—it can no longer be controlled until it’s woken up again with a long button press to start Bluetooth. Realistically, this is the only way it could work for longer periods of chastity without killing the battery, but a local timing function would have been trivial.

Finally, there’s no physical key override. In hardcore mode, there’s also understandably no electronic override, but if you’re in normal user mode, you can at least cancel a timer. While this might be preferable for some people, any locking system needs some kind of override for safety, even if it’s messy or awkward (like a key at the bottom of a paint bucket).

The Dark Side of Web-Controlled Cock Cages: Qiui Was Hacked

You’ll note that this is the second iteration of the Qiui CellMate, and after the fiasco of the first, some people were understandably put off the idea forever. The Qiui CellMate was subject to a seemingly nightmare scenario for some users, though it’s difficult to pin down the true extent or truthfulness of the story. First reported by Internet of Dongs and PenTest Partners, a critical flaw was found in the web communication protocols that could let anyone without authorization permanently lock the connected cage of any user. The story spread quickly, though it’s not known if anyone was actually a victim of this attack. Both teams took the appropriate steps to notify Qiui before making any of the information public, and a new, more secure version of the API was eventually released.

The issue wasn’t so much that a critical security flaw was found—that’s not uncommon for any web-connected device—but that Qiui was so reticent to respond the bug report, taking at least a few months to quietly issue an update, and even longer to reply to the security researchers.

Is the Qiui CagInk CellMate 2 the Ultimate Smart Cock Cage?

When the CellMate 2 launched at $200, it was clearly overpriced. Now, at around $100, I feel it’s a lot more reasonable. Looking at the full market of chastity cages, it sits somewhere in the middle of the price range—there are certainly more expensive cages out there that don’t have any smart features. While the app can be janky, a quick restart generally gets things going on, and I’ve not been in a position yet where it just hasn’t worked at all or ever failed to unlock. There are some disappointing design flaws on the software side of things, but the hardware is surprisingly solid and comfortable.

For those with long-distance relationships, the ability to completely hand over control to someone else is exquisite, and can’t be rivaled by the physical handling of a key. If you fit within the cage nicely, the shocking function can be a fun addition to play times, too.