For furries or just those with more animalistic fantasies, Bad Dragon offers a more fulfilling and tantalising proposition: a number of fantastical animalistic dildos. Last month I reviewed their Hazel the Werewolfess, an “insertable” or masturbator that feels delightfully wicked. This week, I’m taking a look at Razor, a canine dildo, complete with bulbous knot near the base.

Update: this exact model is no longer available, though an almost identical one has replaced it. With prices starting at $65 for small, those on a tight budget might instead want to look at the Chinese clones, such as this Yocy/Faak Knotted Dildo

bad dragon razor doberman review - overview

First up, the material: in platinum grade silicone, the Razor is both hygienic and durable, the former being particularly important for anal use or shared play with your partner. It’s completely safe to boil this toy which is the best way to clean it (although not strictly necessary after every use). Warm water and soap is fine too, as is the special toy cleaner they sell. Like all silicone toys, it has a tendency to attract small hairs, so will need a quick wash before use.

bad dragon razor doberman review - knot close up

I opted for medium size and a split firmness. The base is firm, enabling it to stand up, while the shaft and knot are medium firmness. In the previous Hazel review, I noted how the soft silicone is decidedly sticky to touch until lubricated – that isn’t the case here. Although it will still attract and stick to small hairs and the like, the medium firmness and above don’t have the same sticky-to-the-touch texture.

The surface is a little rough – you couldn’t insert this without some kind of lubrication. With a little Dragon Lube applied, it’ll slip right in comfortably though, and this less than perfectly smooth surface isn’t unusual for silicone toys. If you’re used to jelly-like dildos, you might be surprised.

I’d recommend this “split firm” or just a medium firmness configuration to anyone who still class themselves as a beginner with anal toys. The medium firmness enables the toy to conform more without too much stretching. Yet the knot is still tough to insert and enough of a challenge to keep you coming back for more. At a total insertable length of 6 inches, including the knot, you should be able to fit it all in without needing to surpass any internal barriers.

The only downside to a toy with a large knot like this is the shaft length before the knot is relatively short – there’s not much to slide around on, so I tend to fully withdrawing then re-insert it. Once bored of that, I move on to the knot. This is a whole other-worldly experience and not for the faint-hearted. Just telling you a number for the circumference of the knot – 2.5 inches – doesn’t really do it justice. Make a c-shaped with your thumb and forefinger. That’s about the right size, or roughly that of a coke can.

bad dragon razor doberman review - knot size hands

It takes time to stretch your ass enough to insert – maybe ten minutes or more of slowly edging further in. Even when I am ready, it’ll still stretch a beginner like myself to breaking point, and you’ll think it just can’t be done. It can. And once it’s in, you’ll feel delightfully stuffed and ready to cum everywhere.

bad dragon razor doberman review - cumtube from base

That tube that’s coming out from the base? It’s a Cumtube. The toy comes with a syringe, which you can fill with your favourite lube and pump into yourself, simulating ejaculation whenever you desire. Alternatively, it’s just a great way to lube yourself up while you’re still going at it. While you only need a tiny amount of Dragon Lube for the toy itself, the syringe and the length of the attached tube mean you’ll use a lot if you want to try the ejaculation feature – consider grabbing some cheap J-Lube mix for this, then pump yourself silly.

Using the syringe, you can, of course, pump in as much or as little as you like, but a minimum is needed just to fill the tube. You can get around by sucking in a little air too, which you can then use to squirt out all the lube. Alternatively, just try with warm water.

bad dragon razor doberman review - syringe attached to cumtube

I was excited to try a simulated ejaculation, but the effect is a little more muted than I’d hoped. I think using more would be preferable, perhaps even warming it a little first, but I’ll grab some more lube before I try that. I also have plans to automate the process with a peristaltic pump that I can control using an Arduino and integrate into the DominAI project, but more on that another time!

I recommend the medium Razor for those with a little anal experience but who want a stretching challenge. You won’t always get it all the way, but you’ll have a lot of fun trying. The knot will be very difficult for beginners and quite intimidating, but would give you something to work toward, and is a good choice if you don’t have an infinite budget. We haven’t tried pegging with this yet, but I imagine it’ll be delightful for her to stand there and cum all over me.