This is all going to much more sense if I first tell you that Vore (or Vorarephelia) is a fetish for being eaten; either swallowed whole or chewed a little. And I don’t mean nibbling on an ear (seriously, who doesn’t like that) – I mean, your whole body being chewed up by a humongous mouth.

Fear not though, if this describes your fantasy, for an enterprising maker by the name of Dragonmaw has begun production of his crowd-funded Head Nommer, a $200 sex toy that comes complete with artificial saliva.


This is the head nommer by Dragomaw. We show how soft and squishy the head nommer is. We also show the consistency of our dagomaw artificial drool BUY ONE HERE: FOLLOW ME HERE:

Made of medical grade silicon and with realistic ridges, more expensive options are available for those who prefer a full body experience, such as the Dragon Head Body Nommer ($3000), or the Belly Blanket ($500) – for which I’ll just quote the creator:

Wrap yourself up in a belly.

head nommer

With only 26 campaign backers it doesn’t appear to be a particularly widespread fetish, and yet I find myself asking – who hasn’t wanted to be swallowed whole by a dragon, at some point in their life?

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