This is all going to much more sense if I first tell you that Vore (or Vorarephelia) is a fetish for being eaten; either swallowed whole or chewed a little. And I don’t mean nibbling on an ear (seriously, who doesn’t like that) – I mean, your whole body being chewed up by a humongous mouth.

Fear not though, if this describes your fantasy, for an enterprising maker by the name of Dragonmaw has begun production of his crowd-funded Head Nommer, a $200 sex toy that comes complete with artificial saliva.

Made of medical grade silicon and with realistic ridges, more expensive options are available for those who prefer a full body experience, such as the Dragon Head Body Nommer ($3000), or the Belly Blanket ($500) – for which I’ll just quote the creator:

Wrap yourself up in a belly.

head nommer

With only 26 campaign backers it doesn’t appear to be a particularly widespread fetish, and yet I find myself asking – who hasn’t wanted to be swallowed whole by a dragon, at some point in their life?