If you’ve always wanted to take the term “foot fuck” to its literal conclusion, the Succubus Sole Foot Fuck masturbator from Onahole.com (for US readers) or MostuToys.com (EU/UK) is potentially one of the best things to come out of Japan yet.

In short: it’s a foot with a penetrable vagina on the sole. And yes, it’s every bit as weird as it sounds.

Who is OnaHole.com?

For those who haven’t heard of either Onahole or their sister site Motsutoys, they’re an online-only retailer specialising in Japanese masturbators, which are otherwise known as “Onaho-ru” in Japanese.

However, there’s no need for complex translations here—the word is actually derived from English: onanism hole (onanism being the posh word for a wank).

Initial Impressions

I must admit, I’m not entirely sure where the idea that a succubus might have a pussy on their feet came from, because I certainly can’t find any references in classical literature, and by classical literature, I mean random anime porn I watched as a young lad. But it is what it is, and here’s an anime depiction on the box of said girl and her penetrable foot.

You’ll find the packaging is written predominantly in Japanese, as this is an imported product sold primarily to the Japanese market, rather than the US.

However, inside the box is a little message and English translation from the succubus herself, who is seemingly nameless.

Measuring 16cm tall, 32cm from toe to heel, and weighing 750g, the succubus-themed stroker looks exactly like a small, slender foot with a pussy on the bottom of it would. It’s made of super-soft TPE material, which is stretchy and feels amazing to the touch. Meanwhile, the surface of the foot features delicate skin-like details, marred only slightly by the occasional burr from the mold.

TPE is the material of choice for most masturbators because of the skin-like feel. However, unlike silicone, TPE will eventually degrade. The speed at which it degrades depends upon how you care for it. If you correctly rinse it out, dry it, and apply some renewal powder each time, it should be good for 20-30 uses. If you forget to dry it properly and leave water in there to fester, you may find mold has developed after only a few uses.

The only disappointment about the design is that it’s comically floppy and lacking in structure. While this wouldn’t normally be a problem with a masturbator, I feel like a foot should be able to stand up properly. So while it feels lovely to hold and lick those little, slender toes (if that’s your thing), I did find myself wishing it was a bit stiffer—perhaps a dual-density design, or just made of actual silicone instead.

The delightfully unique internal texture can be seen on the cutaway on their sales page, with a total insertable depth of 14cm.

How Does It Feel?

If I’m honest, this has to be one of the hardest things I’ve ever tried to fuck. The L-shape of the foot and that floppy toe area mean it’s awkward to hold no matter where you grab it. On top of that, the hole—or at least, the entrance to it—is absolutely tiny.

It’s opened up a bit after regular use so it could have just been a slight manufacturing defect, but still, this is definitely on the small side

I’m not exactly well endowed, but the extreme softness of the material (even squishier than your average Fleshlight), the tight entrance, and the awkward shape made this a struggle. It took a good five minutes just to get my cock in there. You’d be surprised how hard it is to grab hold of a floppy 750g foot, especially when you’ve spilled a bit of lube on it.

Once actually inside, though… the tightness and the internal texture is mind-blowingly good fun. The textures are varied, the tightness changes at different depths, and you can vary the intensity by tightening or loosening your own grip on her leg.

I’ll be honest: I didn’t last a minute.

Is it worth the $/€60 asking price? That depends entirely on how much you like feet, and the concept of fucking a foot. If you don’t, there’s much cheaper “onaholes” out there to get yourself off with.

Are There Any Alternatives for Foot Fetishists?

Silicone Feet offers highly realistic silicone replicas of human-sized feet, starting at $92. There’s no hole to fuck on those, however, and they’re strictly designed for realism. But if you want something to rub up against, it’s a good option.

Silicone Wives is probably a closer comparison, and features a fuckable vagina, starting at $230 and made of actual silicone rather than TPE. However, the vagina is on the top of the leg, rather than the sole of the foot, which seems to me like an even more bizarre place to put one.