Want a fucking machine that will automatically thrust and penetrate you—not just vibrate? Here are the best options to suit any budget—and some crucial specs you should look at before buying one. (Prices and links updated March 2024)

How We Test

Our  test lab is a dedicated dungeon room, equipped with all manner of dildos, as well as different heights of furniture to try with. We test each machine for anal and vaginal use, at different speeds (less powerful machines tend to stall at very low speeds), and we try out all the positions offered in the case of upright or angled designs. We test out any software features offered, and use a sound meter to judge noise levels throughout.

It’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta fuck all these machines. Trust us: we know which of these machines will bring you the best orgasms of your life. 

Best Overall: HiSmith Premium (from $500 / £619)

Sitting comfortably at the top of our recommended list is the latest HiSmith Premium model. The price, design, and build quality is similar to other models on the market, but there are a few crucial differences. You can find my full review at CaraSutra.com, or check out the video. If you do decide to buy, use the link above and my discount code to get 5% off: BQTVLL2C (UK readers, use this link and the code 75DU89V2)

So why is this my first choice?

Firstly, there’s a large range of attachment options and accessories, from vac-u-lock and suction cup plates to custom body-safe silicone dildos. Even the cheapest kit even comes with a nice silicone dildo in the box so you can get started right away without sacrificing safety. If you into a little strict bondage, you might also consider combining this with a bondage frame, which screws onto one of the legs for a secure and stable fit.

Secondly, their newest models are Bluetooth-enabled, which means it can hook up to an app, offering live remote control, playback of dynamic program scripts, or even handing over control to anyone in the world! Of course, a standard remote control is also included, but we think the app is a huge selling point and not something that other manufacturers are offering yet. Being able to lie back and hit play on a scripted experience with dynamic speed changes is incredible. It’s the simplicity of setting this up which wins. Within two clicks of opening the app, you’ll be running a fuck script.

Like all machines at this price point, the thrust length can only be adjusted mechanically, and this requires stopping the machine first. The height of the machine can also be adjusted independently at both the front and back legs, allowing it to be angled, as well some optional accessories to make it stand taller. It has all the torque you could need for anal penetration and large toys.

We’ve tried both the Premium version 3.0 (pictured above) and the newest 4.0 version in the form of the Wildolo X Hismith collaboration model. The newest one offers essentially the same functionality, but with a more advanced digital controller that has some programs built in. But since you’ll be using the app most of the time anyway, you can get better value at the moment from the older model; just make sure you buy the app-enabled controller. The premium color finishes are only available currently in 3.0 versions, too.

Cheapest App-Controlled Dynamic Stroke Fucking Machine: Kiiroo Keon with Dildo Adaptor ($225 / £215)

The Kiiroo Keon is one of the best automated male masturbators, providing realistic motion, app control, and video syncing for its own FeelMe range of stroker sleeves. I have a full review over at CaraSutra.com…But why is it on this list, when this is about fucking machines? Well, when you have a powerful stroker machine with interchangeable sleeves, it’s only natural that people might ask about sticking a dildo in there instead. So Kiiroo made a dildo adaptor. It’s a piece of plastic that locks into the Keon on one end, and gives you a vac-u-lock adaptor on the other.

Behold, the Kiiroo Keon with dildo adaptor in action!

In contrast to the other commercially available fucking machines in this buying guide, the Keon provides fully dynamic stroke depth, as well as speed. You don’t need to stop the action to make it go deeper. In addition, it’s the only machine listed that can be synchronized to videos with a .funscript file. These tell the machine exactly what position it should be in so that the action of the dildo can reflect what you’re seeing on-screen. The result is incredibly immersive, especially when used in VR. Unfortunately, there’s very little female POV or gay VR content, and even less that’s been scripted for use with interactive toys, so you may end up having to program it yourself or buy scripts from a third-party site.

Still, even if just used with the app, the Keon and dildo adaptor is now one of the cheapest and best fucking machines on this list. The only downside is that the Keon is a handheld toy, so you need to DIY a mounting solution, or just grab onto it with your thighs. It’s also not the most powerful, so don’t expect it to handle massive dildos.

Most Powerful Dynamic Stroke Machine for Unlimited Budgets: HiSmith Servok ($2000, £1900)

The HiSmith Servok is their newest and most expensive machine yet, featuring a unique mechanical design that allows fine movement control of speed and depth, while also being able to cater to enormous dildos. In the set you’ll also find two leg extensions, enabling the Servok to be used in a wider variety of situations—even able to reach your bed when placed on the floor.

While it works with the same comprehensive app as the HiSmith Premium, at the time of writing the scripts aren’t cross-compatible, so it’s only really usable for remote control. The other downside is the noise level—there is absolutely no hiding this beast of a machine, as the servo motor whines and the shaft thumps back and forth. While the Servok is undoubtedly the most powerful, adaptable and interactive fucking machine out there that can even handle huge dildos, the price and noise level mean it’s never going to be the best choice for everyone.

Read my full review and watch the video at CaraSutra.com.

Budget Pick: Sinloli Ukelele Fucking Machine ($300)

Sinloli is actually the parent company of HiSmith, but markets an affordable fucking machine under their own brand. And you know what? It’s actually pretty good. The core technology that drives the arm is the same as the HiSmith Premium, with mechanically adjustable stroke length, as well as the ability to change the angle.

However, it’s overall smaller with a shorter stroke length, and crucially doesn’t have app control or Bluetooth connectivity. The motor is less powerful, but still enough for anal use. It’s not going to handle massive fantasy dildos, but for most people, it’ll be more than enough.

image of the hismith / sinloli ukelele

While it doesn’t have app control, the remote control does include a selection of ready-made patterns.

As far included accessories go, the basic $300 set includes everything you could need. The newest version uses a Kliklok connector, and the sets include either some fantasy dildos or regular ones. This means you can buy other Kliklok dildos, then upgrade later to a premium HiSmith machine if you felt the need. In any case, it’s a generous selection of accessories that means you won’t need to look elsewhere for a while.

Read my full review of the Sinloli Ukelele on CaraSutra, or watch the video review (note, this was the previous version that uses an XLR connector and Kliclok adaptor)

Buy the Sinloli Ukelele on Amazon.


For the DIY Maker: Open Source Sex Machine (OSSM) (~$250)

If you own a 3D printer and don’t mind a bit of tinkering, the OSSM (pronounced “awesome”) Open Source Sex Machine from KinkyMakers is simply breathtaking. With a good amount of power and a dynamically adjustable stroke length, it has more features than anything currently available off the shelf—even those that cost thousands of dollars more. It’s not an easy build, though, and of course, you’ll need access to a 3D printer (or a friend to print all the bits for you), but your total bill of materials will be around $250, including filament.

The OSSM is still in active development, which means you’ll need a bit of a tinkerer attitude to get the most from it. Most recently, StrokeEngine features have been added, which enables more realistic motion patterns rather than the usual robotic back and forth. Once you’ve got the core machine built, you can even add an ejaculation controller or modify the main shaft to be a pneumatic milker as well.

Other Options

Everything listed above are machines we’ve personally tried out, and would thoroughly recommend. What follows are machines we either haven’t tested, or wouldn’t recommend.

The Fuck Yeah! (£2400)

From an independent British maker, the Fuck Yeah is made with one purpose in mind: really fucking big dildos. It’s massive, powerful, expensive, and capable of handling the biggest of big toys. Still in active development, but developed with a “no compromises” philosophy, it already offers a host of advanced features like dynamically adjustable depth, pattern programming, and Wi-Fi remote control—with more features promised.

fuck yeah

The only downside is the price: at £2,400 ($3,000), this is a luxury option for a niche market. Still, if you must have the best, this is probably it. Hopefully, we’ll get a chance to try this out one day!

Lovense Sex Machine (~$700/£599)

While not exactly the most imaginative name, the Lovense Sex Machine appears to offer a similar feature set to the HiSmith Premium. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was developed in association with HiSmith. The app offers a similar feature set of remote control and scripted playback, and uses an identical mounting system that can be angled up or down.

lovense sex machine

Uniquely, the Lovense Sex Machine allows for another thrusting rod to be inserted at the back, allowing for two partners to be penetrated at once.

Given the similarities to the HiSmith Premium, it’s difficult to recommend this over the HiSmith. The RRP is over twice that of the HiSmith ($699 appears to be a temporary sale price, though it might equally be a permanent “sale”), and given this is their first offering in the fucking machine space, it’s difficult to know how well it will be supported in the long term.

F-Machine Pro (from £675)

Primarily for the UK market, we owned an original model, which is heavier, with a power brick built into the device itself. The version now being sold is more lightweight with a separate power supply (which is good news for repairs), but otherwise the same. It comes with a vac-u-lock connector, but a separate universal adaptor is also available to purchase.

Given the lack of app connectivity, I’m not sure it’s worth it unless you really want to “buy British”. The HiSmith Premium is superior in nearly every way, and roughly the same price.

photo of the f-machine pro

More interestingly, F-machine currently have a pre-order open for their new Alpha machine, with a unique mechanical design that allows for dynamically adjustable depth. Hopefully, we’ll get a chance to play around with that.

Ken’s Twisted Mind: Sneaky Pete ($595)

Mechanically identical to the HiSmith Premium and F-Machine Pro, but for a US market, and still lumbered with a wired-only controller and no app control. If the budget allows, consider picking up a Pro Stockade too, so you can lock your sub down while the machine plows them. Such fun! But again, we can’t see any reason to buy this over the HiSmith Premium unless you’re just averse to buying anything Chinese. I also found a cheaper stockade on AliExpress with a suitable adaptor for the HiSmith Premium.

Orgasm Alley BlackMagic ($1,090-1,300)

The frame and extension capabilities are the unique selling points of the BlackMagic. You can adjust it to a wide variety of heights and positions without compromising stability. However, for most people this is probably unnecessary–you’ll get just as much thrusting power elsewhere.

HugHer Tango ($2,650)

The most expensive and elaborate fucking machine here which uses a linear actuator to provide dynamically adjustable stroke depths. An onboard computer enables the Tango to be “programmed” with full sequences such as quick, fast strokes alternating with long deep thrusts, without having to manually adjust things mid-way. Sadly, the software is showing its age, and even then, it costs $150 extra and is provided on a CD! The Hugher Tango is available in the UK from SexMachines.co.uk for £3419! We think the price is just not worth it, though, especially when there’s a DIY option for less than $300, which is even better.

Things You Should Know Before You Buy a Fucking Machine

  • Price: don’t pay less than $200, or you’ll sacrifice power and build quality. You can certainly find sub-$100 machines to buy direct from China, but these have a non-adjustable stroke length, very little torque (certainly not enough for anal), and won’t last long. You get what you pay for.
  • Torque: this is a term to describe “thrusting force”. If you’re planning to use your machine for anal, you’ll need a higher torque machine since your ass is generally a tighter hole to penetrate.
  • Thrust or stroke length: This is the total length that the dildo can move back and forth, with a higher number meaning it penetrates more deeply. Anywhere in the range of 1.5 inches to 6 inches is typical. The cheapest fucking machines (less than $200) usually have a fixed stroke length with a low torque (meaning, they only push a little, for a short distance—like a reciprocating saw). Most machines at $200+ have an adjustable stroke length from about 2 to 6 inches, but this is usually a mechanical setting you must change before you activate the device, by moving where the rod is attached to the flywheel.
  • Dynamic stroke: Until recently, you had to spend upwards of $2000 to get a machine that could adjust the stroke length while using it. With the Kiiroo Keon and dildo adaptor, that’s now possible on a $300 toy. This means you can start with short strokes, and gradually (or suddenly) change to deeper ones. Generally though, this is a feature reserved for the premium end.
  • Extension rods: Fucking machines are typically quite bulky devices, so having the ability to extend the driving rod of your machine means you have more options for where to place them. For instance, if you’re lying on the bed, most machines would also need to be on the bed with you, which means they lose stability. With an extension rod, you could place it on the floor or table at the end of the bed, and extend the dildo towards you.
  • Attachments: The low-budget sex machines you find on Amazon nearly all use a three-pin XLR connector for proprietary dildos. These are jelly (PVC) dildos full of toxic chemicals that you absolutely shouldn’t use internally. More expensive models vary. Some will come with a Vac-U-Lock adaptor, while some have a universal adaptor plate that can attach to anything with a suction cup or using conformal bandage tape. HiSmith uses a custom connector, but has a huge selection of adaptors available, as well as body-safe silicone dildos for their line of machines.

Should You Buy a Fucking Machine?

Everyone can benefit from a fucking machine, whether you’re a couple looking for fulfilment when the other half is tired, looking to add a third to the bedroom in a safe way, or just single and bored of your rabbit. And it’s worth saving up a little to invest in your sex life—a good fucking machine will last you for many years and give you mind-blowing experiences you never thought possible. Right now, we think the HiSmith Premium is the best choice for most people—unless you’ve got the skills to make your own, that is!

Are you thinking of picking up a fucking machine, or do you already own one? Let us know your thoughts about yours in the comments!