Not only is the Sinloli Ethel the perfect size of hip doll, she also has one ridiculously cool superpower: she fucks back.

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Measuring 31cm or 12″ deep, 40cm or 16″ wide, and 16cm or 6″ in height—and weighing in at an immense 27lbs or 12kg—Sinloli’s Ethel is a great size and a lot more adult in proportions than most hip masturbators, which tend to be on the petite side. Of course, nothing compares to Chubby Narumi BBW hip doll.

Here she is next to Sinloli Sherry, for comparison. The added weight gives a superb heft to it as well, but not too much, and it’s undoubtedly the most realistic hip-doll type masturbator I’ve tried yet—and that’s before you even get onto its “smart” features.

sinloli ethel 12lb hip doll masturbator side by side comparison with sherry

Design and Feel

Ethel’s thighs are tucked up as if she were kneeling ass up, or legs wrapped around you, with a flat cut-off. The material is the softest TPR I’ve ever felt, and it’s solid throughout—other than the battery and mechanism, which you can’t really feel from the outside in regular use. It’s super smooth, with some realistic dark red coloration around her pussy. It feels incredible just to grab a chunk of ass, or to smack her and watch her cheeks reverberate.

sinloli ethel 12lb hip doll masturbator touching ass

But the headline feature is the “smart fuckback mechanism” hidden inside. I admit, I did just make that name up, but that’s what it does, so if you need a marketing team, hit me up, Sinloli execs. She also features a vibration function, but it’s not that rumbly, and even if it were, I just dont see the attraction of a vibrator on a hip doll. It’s obviously not realistic, and more often than not I find the vibrations just get in the way of the fun for me. That said, when they’re used in sync with the preset fucking programs, they seem to correspond to the action rather than being a continuous rumble, so that works to enhance rather than detract from the experience. Still, the vibrations are quickly forgotten, so let’s not dwell.

Inside, you’ll find a reciprocal motion mechanism to fuck you back, and it appears to push and pull the entire vaginal hole with a variable speed. It’s not quite comparable to the likes of the Handy or Kiiroo Keon as an automated masturbator, and so far, I haven’t been able to cum hands-free from just letting it do its thing. But still, it adds a unique sensation when you’re fucking her—a little bit of realism compared to the passivity of the usual silicone block—and if you want to take a break from doing the work, you can lie back and let her take control for a bit to keep up the stimulation.

Controlling Ethel

You can control the action using either the single switch on Ethel’s belly, which functions as a power button too and allows you to cycle through ten built-in programs, or you can use the included remote control, or you can hook it up to the Sinloli app through Bluetooth.

This is essentially a rebranded version of the Hismith app (they’re the same company); but that’s no bad thing. The app contains the very same user functionality with either manual solo mode control, shared control with other app users, and thousands of built-in motion scripts that automatically dictate the speed of the action for you. If you want something a little unpredictable, then simply choosing a user script from the selection is a fun way to lose control. However, compared to being penetrated in an unpredication way by a Premium Hismith fucking machine, the concept of user-submitted fuck scripts for a masturbator isn’t quite as compelling. For me, the basic programs offered more than enough excitement, but it’s a fun aspect to play around with.


Of course, the weight and size do make it trickier to wash Ethel; however, she’s completely waterproof with a magnetic two-pin charging cable, so your best bet is just to take it in the shower and carefully douche it out, then pad the exterior and use a drying stick on the inside.

On that note, the package also includes some handy extras. If you don’t already have a shower douche attachment, you’ll find one here that you can attach to any tap, as well as a sponge, small pair of lacey panties, and even a USB warmer which gives a more pleasant feeling as TPR can sometimes be cold to the touch.

When it comes to storage, you should be able to fit Ethel in most of your usual hiding places; possibly even at the back of a (large) drawer. As long as she’s been dried properly, and not being stored anywhere that’s liable to get damp, just wrap a towel or t-shirt around her. A little talc will help to keep her skin soft and supple, too.

Fuckability: There’s Only One Hole

This might be the only area where Ethel will disappoint some, but I don’t personally think it’s a big deal: Ethel only has one hole. There’s no anal cavity. There is some gorgeous realistic detailing of creases and a teasing depression around the butthole… just no actual hole. I suspect this is due to the complex mechanism surrounding the vaginal tunnel that provides the thumping push-back smart feature, so it’s a necessary compromise.

sinloli ethel featured image 12lb hip doll masturbator

The vaginal hole is not super deep—around 5 to 6 inches total. It features a knobbly texture, and it’s quite tight but not unreasonable compared to some hip dolls that I’ve played with. As someone who’s not particularly well endowed, Ethel is a Goldilocks size, weight, depth, and tightness for me. If you’re much girthier, the TPR will expand, but obviously, it will still be quite tight. But if you’re much longer than average then you’re liable to hit up against the solid mechanism on the end.

Ready to Fuck the Hip Doll That Fucks Back?

At $250, the 27lb Sinloli Ethel (available on Amazon) isn’t cheap, but the realistic size and weight make it superior to most hip doll masturbators, and the smart pushback mechanism pushes this to another level of experience entirely.

Of course, while it’s a gorgeous hip doll regardless with incredible detailing, that mechanism is the unique selling point. If you don’t want something that will fuck you back, and just want a big realistic blob of TPR silicone to fuck, then you’ll get better value elsewhere. But of all the smart features that a smart hip doll could implement, a mechanism that pushes back when you’re fucking it is absolutely a great addition, compared to, say, suction or spinning motion, which are just gimmicky. And let’s not forget the app control with user scripts or the ability to hand off to your partner to control the action.

So the Sinloli Ethel is my newest favourite hip doll.

10/10: The smartest hip doll ever.