Sinnovator is better known for its eclectic range of gorgeous fantasy dildos, but they also make gags, and in following their fantasy styles, the Slurp gag is a monstrous tongue shape but also functionally a feeder funnel for watersports and other liquids. It’s unlike any other piss funnel gag I’ve ever tried and offers a really unique sensation and incredible look, as well as being a pretty good funnel gag.

Slurp is made of 100% platinum-cured silicone, which is really rare in the gag space, let alone the tiny niche of funnel gags. So, it’s completely body-safe and very easy to clean.

sinnovator slurp review 1

In terms of size, the gag part is about 6.5cm or 2.6 inches in diameter, which is definitely on the large side for a gag. Meanwhile, the funnel section is about 7cm or 2.8 inches long, in the shape of a curled-up tongue with a strong valley down the middle. The underside features an undulating pitted design, which adds some lovely texture details for both visual benefit and if you’re planning using it for penetration while your sub is wearing it.

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The strap can be purchased together or separately if you already own a Sinnovator gag, and the gag piece itself is interchangeable. The strap is well made and strong, though I don’t think it’s actually leather.

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Slurp is available in a range of colours, but I opted for neon pink. There’s only one firmness rating available and it’s a fair bit softer than I was expecting, but it does the job and is comfortable to wear. There’s no size options either.

Using Slurp

I love the good stuffed feeling that this provides, though you do need to fiddle a little to get it in properly by squeezing the soft end part inwards. But once fitted, I found that no matter how hard I bit down, I couldn’t stop the flow of liquid at all. I also tried using my tongue, which could briefly pause the flow, but it’s a very awkward position to hold, so realistically, no, I couldn’t stop it. If you want a forced feeding scenario, this is entirely doable with Slurp. The only thing to remember is that it doesn’t hold a massive volume at once, so you may find you need to stop and start the flow a bit more than you’re comfortable with.

sinnovator slurp review 2

On the other hand, even when it was done up tight as possible, I was able to push it out, likely due to the softer silicone. From a safety perspective, that’s probably a good thing.

What I also really like about Slurp is that it extends outward just enough to use it as a face-mounted dildo too. Fuck away on their tongue and then any lovely juices that come out are going straight down their throat. Or insert it, then make yourself squirt so they dont waste a drop.

Slurp looks amazing, does a great job, and is definitely going to be one of my new favorite gags. 9/10! Buy yours now from!

Thanks to the Elust monthly blogging competition for providing the voucher to buy this!