Derek had always been teased by his wife about his small penis, but it had never been a problem before. They were happy, or so he thought. Until one day that is, when his wife Karla finally gave up and demanded something more sizeable to actually satisfy her needs.

“I’m sorry it’s come to this, but if you can’t please me with that, then I see no other option than to bring in someone who can”

Karla was an attractive 30-something with a kinky side she wanted to let out so desperately, and if it would save her marriage then she had to try. Derek was a little older, and had always wondered exactly what she saw in him.

She set about getting help, and had no problem finding someone on the internet – after all, who would turn down free sex?! But she had made some altogether stranger demands in her profile, and surprised to have found someone so quickly. She quickly set to work, buying all manner of things they were going to need.

A few later, Karla proposed a kinky night in, “Derek, I’ve always wanted to see what it would be like with a girl, you know – maybe you could wear a dress, and I’ll let you go down on me? I think I’d feel sooo good”. Derek was a little hesitant at first, not quite sure where this was going, but he was open-minded, so sure. Karla went over to the closet and pulled out a PVC maids dress in his (XL) size. “Could you… wear this?”. Derek stripped down and found the soft PVC dress to be surprisingly sensual – it even made him hard, though you’d be forgiven for not noticing. “You look lovely dear! Here, let me do that up for you, as it’s a bit special”.

She stood behind him and bit his ear, pulling his arms backward and snapping shut a padlock around the built-in wrist binders before he knew what was happening. Next, she moved around the front and attached some more locks to the collar.

“I don’t want you getting it of it now do I?”

Derek was a little surprised, but it only made him harder.

“From now on, I’m going to call you Susie, like the little sissy you are!”

He opened his mouth to complain, but Karla already had a gag prepared for just this moment. “Kar…” – he couldn’t get out even a word as she forced a fairly large penis-shaped gag into his mouth, stifling any sound. That tied round the back, too, preventing any chance of him spitting it out. “There, good practice for later”. Now he was worried, and had absolutely no clue what she meant by that.

There was a knock at the door, and she pushed him face down onto the bed without saying a word.

The visitor was a tall, dark and handsome stranger – everything Derek wasn’t – who knew just what Karla’s situation was and was more than happy to help out. Derek heard muffled voices downstairs as they talked for a while. Then he could hear them coming upstairs.

“Sissy Susie, I want you to meet Brad. He’s going to make sure I’m satisfied tonight, something your tiny little penis was never capable of. I do love you, but this is how it has to be.” She shoved Derek to the side of the bed, as Brad took control of her, dominating with his 9 inches of manpower. Karla savoured every moment of it, and made sure Derek knew it. She screamed with delight as he was powerful but to watch; watch as this powerful man, three times the size of his own, groaned on top of her. After about a half-hour of pounding away at it, she positioned herself directly over his head and had Brad take her from behind. Now Derrek had an even closer look at the man’s glorious member, and huge slapping balls as he thrust in, and out, endlessly. Finally, the man climaxed inside of Karla as she screamed out in ecstasy.

“That was amazing Brad, but I need to clean up. Sissy Susie, I promised I’d let you eat me out didn’t I?”. With that, she hovered over his face, dripping a little on his cheek while she reached behind to undo the gag. It felt great to free of it, but he had a feeling it wouldn’t be for long. “Come on, what are you waiting for?! I didn’t take that off so you could stand there gawping at me!” she shouted as she pulled his face toward her. He licked hesitantly at first, but sped up when Brad could see Susie wasn’t working hard enough, and a few quick smacks from Brad made Susie quite eager to please. Finally Karla pushed him away, and beckoned Brad over. “He needs cleaning too, deal with it Susie”. Derek knew this was coming, but it didn’t make it any easier to swallow. He opened his mouth, fearful of another spanking, and closed his eyes as Brad inserted himself.

As he worked Brad, he found he quite enjoyed having that huge cock in his mouth, gagging him at times. Karla explained “Susie, Brad is moving in with us. I love you, and this is how it’s got to be. You’ll serve us around the house since you can’t sufficiently service me in bed, and if you’re a good little sissy girl we’ll let you play like we did today. Understood?”. Derek gulped and tried to mumble in agreement, when Brad shuddered violently, cumming again right down his throat. Derrek gagged a little with the new sensation, then gasped for air as Brad let go of the tight grip of his head. He collapsed onto the bed, graciously given a little respite before his house duties would officially begin. “Oh, and you’ll call us Mistress and Master from now on, when you’re permitted to speak freely”.

“Mistress, I need the toilet”, Susie begged.

“Ah yes, that reminds me. Toilets are for big girls Susie, and that you are not. From today you’ll wear diapers. Roll over so we can put them on you now”.

“Karla, this has all been fun, but there’s no way…”. Susie didn’t get a chance to finish the sentence. Brad’s hand enveloped his mouth, three fingers jammed in so tight he couldn’t even muster the strength to bite down.

“First off, it’s Mistress, not Karla; and secondly, no one gave you permission to speak and this is not a discussion”. For his insolence, she decided to gag him again, this time with something multifunctional she could attach a toilet brush to or something later after they’d put him in diapers. Derek’s hands were still locked behind his back, and he was utterly helpless as Karla first strapped something around his tiny little penis that would presumably stop him masturbating, then Brad put a diaper underneath him. Finally, out came a pair of lockable plastic panties.

“Sleep well sissy, then you can start on the housework in the morning. If need to go potty, you can go in that, but you be damned sure I won’t be changing you in the middle of the night”.