A urinal or piss funnel gag involves some way of forcing your sub to drink a liquid substance, though obviously, that needn’t be pee. There’s not a huge variety out there, but we’ve rounded up and tried most of them out to help you decide which one is next on your kinky shopping list.

As ever, consider safety before indulging in any extreme fetish like this. Unless your sub is experienced in drinking piss, they may throw up. You’ll want them to be used to the sensation and taste before trying to force anything. And of course, even with experienced subs, things can go wrong. If the harness is so restrictive that there is no escape, they may aspirate—that’s when the liquid goes in the wrong hole. Always know the risks, and be prepared for an emergency stop and to remove the gag.

(Updated March 2024)

Sinnovator “Slurp Funnel” Gag

sinnovator slurp review 4

The Slurp Funnel takes a unique approach, combining a silicon gag with a curled tongue funnel shape. Starting at £50 if you include a strap, it’s not cheap, but the body-safe silicone makes it a good quality option. Read my full review of the Sinnovator Slurp.

It’s a fun design that’s available in a range of colors, and I can tell you that it’s almost impossible to stop the flow of whatever is poured in. The gag part is also interchangeable, so if you already have a strap with generic o-rings, you can purchase just the gag on its own.

Oxballs Watersports Gag ($80-150 Amazon)

I’ve put this close to the top because Oxballs dominates the search results, but as you’ll see in our full Oxballs Watersports Gag Review, it’s actually quite a terrible product—and that’s the latest version of the gag that we tried. The original (which you’ll often find with a black strap and yellow inner part and funnel) was even worse, with the hole for the funnel starting halfway up, such that liquid would pool and never actually reach the sub’s mouth.

The urinal part is made of very soft PVC (read: a lot of nasty plasticizers), and the mold is terrible, with misshapen parts all over. The head strap is even worse though; it’s difficult to get on, keep on, or take off, thanks to a ridiculous press-stud design and complete lack of thought going into the overall shape.

oxballs watersports gag worn on model head

In short, don’t buy this crap—it’s just not worth the money, and you’re paying a 10 X markup just for the brand. Has this fetish manufacturer even tried their own products?

That said, I didn’t want to waste it, so we jury-rigged it into a cheaper plug gag from AliExpress. The rubber nozzle fits almost perfectly into the solid plastic plug hole, and a few cable ties attach through the rubber to the gag harness, keeping it secure. It works—and looks—a LOT better now.

perfect funnel gag for piss play made from oxballs plus cheapp aliexpress mouth plug gag

But if you’re looking for the original gag that we adapted, look no further:

Funnel Gag ($10-20 AliExpress)

This is a well-made PVC full-head harness with a solid plastic gag and even a little plug that can be inserted. You can buy this alone, or with a funnel accessory, but the funnel is quite basic and doesn’t really match up or screw into the gag in any way. You could just as easily cut up a 2L coke bottle, or use your own funnel.

Still, it’s one of our favorites, with the strong, solid gag bit on the inside that isn’t too large, and a comfortable harness. See the image above for how we use it now.

Generic Oxballs Knock-Off ( <$10 AliExpress)

Given how bad the Oxballs was, I didn’t expect much from a generic knock-off. It’s made of a thinner, stiffer material, and the nozzle that’s inserted is longer and slimmer too; but on the plus side, the strap is much easier to use, and the mold is clean. If you absolutely must have this kind of urinal shape, I’d say this is far better buy at a fraction of the price of the Oxballs (less than$10 at the time of writing, but often ranges up to $20). It’s not exactly comfortable, though.

Other Options

We haven’t tried any of these, so I can’t speak from personal experience, but they might tickle your fancy more than the ones we have tried:

The Latex Factory “Inflatable Water Trough”

latex factory water trough

If I had an unlimited budget, this would be an immediate buy: it combines an inflatable dual-layer 1mm thick latex hood with a welded funnel on the front that covers the nose and mouth, and a solid gag piece on the inside. But it costs north of £300.

Libidex “Goldie Hood”

libidex goldie hood

With a much larger front trough, the Libidex latex hood is little cheaper (£230) but lacks inflation. The translucent eyes are a nice touch, allowing you to see as the cavity fills up, while a pepperpot mouth opening gives the slave a lot more freedom.

Catheter and Feeding Tube Gag (<$30 AliExpress)

This set consists of a solid gag insert that’s molded around your teeth, plus a length of silicone tubing, and your choice of catheter or sleeve—so it’s strictly for piss, and only from a penis. You’ll also find variants that are equipped with an anal plug, splitting the pee up between your mouth and ass, as well as one that uses a very medical-looking bag for women.

We like this one for a few reasons. Firstly, it’s possible to fit this directly on a male sub and have them drink their own piss. Then, the clear tubes and sleeve make for an added bit of visual excitement. Lastly, the gag is restrictive, but you can still use your tongue to stop the flow. That’s a whole lot safer than forcing it down and potentially having them throw up.

Extreme Restraints Latrine Extreme Funnel Gag

At under $50, it’s not a huge expense, but it also seems to be the very same funnel that came with our generic AliExpress gag. Judging by the photos, it doesn’t even connect to the gag part, so the sub could easily push the inner tube out. While the reviews on the original site are positive, they’re likely fake; Amazon has it pegged at more like 3/5, with a lot of complaints of low quality or falling apart. I’d skip this one.

The XR model also appears to be a poor copy of the Original Latrine Funnel Gag – $60 on Amazon. Click through the product photos, and you’ll see the gag part is secured to the strap more strongly, and there’s a variety of colors available. Sadly, this one won’t ship to the UK, but it might be a good option for those of you stateside.

Know of any other piss and funnel gags you’d like to add to the page? Let me know in the comments!