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Ramone Quides, Oh, What a November to Remember!Ramone writes erotic stories, but this one is about his five-week sabbatical travelling Oz and New Zealand. If that doesn’t inspire you to have a go at writing your own stories, use this this post as a jump off to read some of his! 

Books and Movies

History of BDSM, TammyJo & Peter discuss Professor Marston & the Wonder Women . This is actually a video discussion, but the embed is disabled, so instead, here’s a trailer for the movie they’re discussing. It’s a fascinating true story of the origins of Wonder Woman, and the secret polyamorous life that the Professor led (in the 40s!)

Thoughts & Advice on Kink & Fetish

Cut to the Chaste, A Debate Over Orgasm Denial and Chastityone of the most sensible approaches to orgasm control that I’ve ever read. It’s a long one, but well worth it if you’re consider starting a journey into some sort of forced chastity. 

Pieces of Jade, Happy Christm-ASSanother video, though this one can’t be hosted on YouTube 🙂 Do you like spanking? Click the link. Trust me on this one. 

Morgan Destera, Guest Blog – Kylie Cockwhorean erotic story of how Kylie, your friendly neighbourhood cock whore, likes to fall asleep. Good stuff. 

Podopheleus, 7 Powerful Insights: Exploring the Essence of France FemDom with Inanna Justiceinsight into the Femdom scene in France, as well as a specific event held in Paris. 

Product reviews

barefoot, The Joy Snowman- A Bestvibe Review – looks cheap and cheerful, but I can’t imagine the marketing meeting where they came up with the concept of putting some anal beads around a stroker and giving it a festive name. 

Sex Toy DB, This Hip Doll Fucks You Back: Sinloli Ethel 27lb “Smart” Hip Doll Review (my submission) – If you’re bored of dull, lifeless hip dolls, the Sinoli Ethel adds a little thumping to the experience, combined with a mobile app that offers infinite variation on the patterns.

Joanne’s Reviews, Colon Balls Platinum Silicone Depth Trainermixing anal balls with depth play, these look fun, but I can’t see the physics working, and imagine they would just coil up inside your anal cavity rather than penetrate any deeper.

Betty’s Toy Box, The Top 10 New Sex Toys of 2023. A Sexy Year in Review while you can’t go wrong with a magic wand (number 1 on the list), there’s also two spinning masturbators there, and I’ve yet to meet anyone who actually enjoys a rugged sanding of their head with those things! Save up and spend a bit more for something that sucks, oscillates up and down, squeezes—or all three!

Erotic Fiction

Jasmine Gold, Teacher’s Pet – apparently, something good can come of parent-teacher meetings!

JaimeMortimer. Bedroom Eyes 31this is always the blog that seems to kill my productivity as I’m drawn in…

Erotic Non Fiction

Kristina J, The Role of Ego in BDSM: Navigating Power Dynamics with AwarenessKristina outlines the critical input that both the dom and the sub have within a scene, and as ever, emphasizes the role of consent. 

Thoughts & Advice on Sex & Relationships

Buzz Vibes, Everything you need to know about the G-Spotthis is probably rather basic for anyone reading this site, but if you’ve stumbled here by accident for some reason and still don’t know what a female g-spot is, consider it essential reading!

Body Talk and Sexual Health

Liz X Likes, Unlocking the Surprising Mental Health Benefits of Self-Pleasurewanking is officially good for you, but Liz tells you exactly why 🙂

Sex Work

Lady Phoenix, 12 Months A Slavethe list of what “firsts” M has trieds in the short span of a year is truly awe-inspiring! Frankly, we should all be copy-pasting that as our own personal to-do lists.  

Ms Sapora Knight, Erotic Devotion

Sex Worker Search, Sexworkopedia looking to get into sex work? Read this. 

Delilah OdellAdventures In Playing For Both Teams: January 2024 Editionan interesting write-up of Delilah’s experiences hiring female escorts.