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Books and Movies

History of BDSM Roman Scandals (1933): The Celluloid Dungeon. While I personally can’t stand old movies, I can absolutely appreciate anyone who delves this far into the archives of anything. Roman Scandals is a 1933 black and white musical comedy that released in the curious period when sound was added to movies, but before censorship was a thing—and it pushed the boundaries about as far as was feasible back then.

Erotic Fiction

When Jerry Met Ali Voyeur –  do yourself a favour, and set aside 30 minutes to go read this, now. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Jerusalem Mortimer Bedroom Eyes 32 – Scallop gets a pretty raw deal this time.

Jasmine Gold Hyperion Man – this definitely turns into coffee coffee, not just networking.

Thoughts & Advice on Kink & Fetish

barefoot sub The Impact Of Running – the transformative power of running, not just as a physical activity but as a journey of personal growth and community building.

Pain as Pleasure Burn And Rave At Close Of Day – a timely reminder that one doesn’t lose sexuality as they age. If anything, it gets sweeter.

Erotic Non Fiction

Kristina J The Girlfriend Experience: What Sets My Heart Racing and Ignites Desire – it’s all about the light touches and respecting personal boundaries for Miss Kristina, as you embark on a magical journey.

Thoughts & Advice on Sex & Relationships

Buzz Vibes The Ultimate Guide to Sexual Satisfaction for New Couples – as ever, communication is key. But equally important is the ability to drop your preconceptions and be open to new things, as well as allowing yourself to be vulnerable in the deepest way.

Product Reviews

Sex Toy DB E-Stim Systems Large Torpedo Review – while I’m a relative newbie to the e-stim scene, I knew that good buttplay would require a good electrode. As well as being a brilliant e-stim electrode, the Large Torpedo is also a bloody good plug, equal parts painful from the cold aluminium and stuffing from the enormous size.

Sex Work

Amelia Swann Couples and Curiosity – a reminder that escorts aren’t just for single guys and gals, but also couples who want a little spice in their relationship in a safe way.

Fox Digital Can AI Deblur Your Photos And Identify You? – a fascinating attempt to blur then unblur a set of photos using the latest AI. The key takeaway is that if you want to remain anonymous online, you should probably do more than a basic blur—either heavily pixellate, or crop your face from the image entirely!

The Lady Phoenix Vision in Crimson – the transformation of Becky into something a little more stylish this time than a bright pink maid!

Carrie Young Introducing The Working Submissive – I’m not sure why being submissive for pay would be controversial, but it’s certainly unusual. Follow to Carrie’s blog to learn more.

Sandra Duo with TS Ama – I’ll just add: what I wouldn’t give to be Owen 😉

Hellga Latex Fantasy Session with Poppers Gas Mask – the brilliance of sex work is that no matter how out there your request might be, someone will be able to fulfill that fantasy. And I admit, this one does sound quite delightful.

Oz Valentine’s Day Voyeur Duo with Kensley – Oz uses ChatGPT to convert Kensley’s reviews into an Argentinian folksong. Because why not.

Sex Worker Search Clientopedia – a good A to Z for anyone considering enlisting the services of a sexworker.


Musings of a Switch An independent artist search – if you’re a digital NSFW artist, get in touch.

Ramone Quides Welcoming in 2024 with Writer’s Block – thankfully shortlived, though.