If you’re new to the world of sex toys, you’re probably not familiar with Bad Dragon. The company produces anthropomorphized fantasy animal dildos and other toys: among their line is a series of, well, fake dragon dicks. If this is an instant turn off for you, you should probably stop reading now. That would be an incredible shame though, because in spite of their fantasy leanings, the Bad Dragon offerings are some of the highest quality toys around, and they’ve begun to offer “normal” dildo shapes too.

All Bad Dragon toys are made from pure silicone – the absolute best material you can use for a sex toy since it can be cleaned easily, boiled to sterilize, and won’t harbor bacteria in pores of the material. They also come in a variety of stunningly vibrant and marbled colors, and with a huge range of customization options. Most Bad Dragons toys have 3 or 4 densities to choose from. But today I’m looking at Hazel the Werewolfess, and as a penetrable toy, it can only be customized by color, not size or firmness. She comes in a one-size ultra soft and squishy silicone.

bad dragon hazel review - side

When made in soft silicone, the surface of Bad Dragon toys can be a little sticky to the touch, and will attract all manner of hairs; Hazel is no different. You’ll want to give it quick rinse and towel dry the outside before play time.

I opted for a ready-made original color model – a stunningly beautiful dark red and grey marble. I also ordered from stock: opting for a ready-made inventory item means it’ll be shipped next working day thanks to their fast delivery promise. If you customize any part of your order, it can take up to 3 weeks to actually produce the item.

Aesthetically then, Hazel really appeals to me. Her large, triangular vulva, surrounded by a thick fur texture, entices you in. For those who really want to indulge the werewolf fantasy, going down on her is an equally fun experience.

bad dragon hazel review - opening

Hazel is one of the most unique male masturbation sleeves they produce, with a strong curvature right after the entrance. The texture inside the rest of the toy is relatively muted compared to others; the ridges aren’t hugely pronounced, but still offer a fantastically pleasing sensation. It is a large, heavy toy, but so are most strokers. I’m not a huge guy, but it feels like a great fit. I suspect those particularly well endowed may find it to be quite snug, but others report that Hazel is one of the loosest toys that Bad Dragon sells. For those even smaller, hitting the curve is going to give a good bit of stimulation even without the tightness.


From the Bad Dragon product page. Ain’t no chance I’m cutting mine open.

The end of the toy is open, for ease of cleaning. This also means you can get different sensations simply by cupping your hand over or squeezing it tight to create a strong suction. Both feel amazing.

bad dragon hazel review - rear

But then we come to the cost: $135 plus shipping. Before you cough and splutter your coffee all over the keyboard, know that you simply can’t compare these to $50 or cheaper strokers. Those are made of a nasty porous material, created using a chemically intensive production process that leaves you with a toy which breaks down after a few uses. The porous materials also end up harboring nasty bacteria in the dirt that collects in micropores. If you care for your dick, do not stick it in any stroker which isn’t made of pure silicone. I know, I’ve tried. Never. Again.

If you’re in the UK, costs are a lot higher: the shipping fee itself isn’t so bad, but you’ll be hit with a 20% import tax + handling fee on the way in, and Bad Dragon won’t mark packages as lower value or gifts (in fairness, that would be illegal), or even allow you to use another carrier. On a ~$250 order, that means at least another £50 to pay on delivery. And it gets worse: they ship using UPS, which (in the UK at least) literally demands payment at the door before they’ll hand over your package, rather than invoicing before or after delivery. Since I stopped using cash and cheques, I was forced to spend over 10 minutes on the phone trying to pay by card, while the hapless delivery driver stood there wondering what on earth a “silicone sculpture” was.

I’m not going to say the total price isn’t worth it, because it certainly is, but do factor the costs into the price when you order: non-US customers should another $50 on to every item they buy.

Go on, treat your dick. Hazel is waiting for you.