Wanking can be such a chore sometimes. While there are plenty of sleeves and strokers for you to manually inject a bit of variety into your masturbation sessions, sometimes it’s nice to just lie back and let a machine do the work for you. And it’s not just up/down repetitive thrusts—nowadays they can be programmed to follow a script or even randomized to vary the depth, speed, and more. Not really into the idea of a robot wank? Check out our review of the Kiiroo Pulse Solo Interactive instead, a vibrator for guys that wraps around your dick.

So, after extensive testing (let me tell you, it’s been exhausting!), here I present the top automatic male masturbators, for the lazy wanker in all of us. Be sure to check out my fucking machine buying guide too, which was equally as exhausting to produce.

Updated March 2024

Kiiroo Keon

The Kiiroo Keon is a large, automatic stroker that can vary speed and depth of stroke—and the PowerBlow add-on creates a pulsating suction sensation in compatible sleeves, making it the ultimate blow simulator. You can either use the device controls to adjust the stroke depth and speed, or you can use Bluetooth to hand over control to a smartphone app or video (including in VR). This can then direct the action according to a synchronized video script. That is to say, when the on-screen talent does something to the stunt cock, it’ll be replicated on yours. And if you’re happy to pay a monthly premium, the new FeelMeAI service can even create dynamic action based on whatever you’re currently watching in your browser.

kiiroo keon lying down on the floor

The Kiiroo Keon is the spiritual successor to the Fleshlight Launch, which is now discontinued. There are a few technical differences between the Launch and Keon, but while Kiiroo also manufactured the original Launch, it was designed specifically for use with and marketed by the Fleshlight company. For its successor, Kiiroo decided to go it alone with the Keon, removed the Fleshlight branding, and started to make their own stroker sleeves too (called FeelStars). If you’re looking to buy today, you’ll likely only find the Fleshlight Launch on the second-hand market, while the Kiiroo Keon is widely available at retail. Kiiroo still supports the Launch via their app and services.


  • Combined with the PowerBlow add-on, it’s the ultimate blowjob simulator.
  • Powerful stroker that can handle heavy Fleshlight-style masturbators easily.
  • Syncs with VR videos and other apps via Bluetooth for ultimate immersive automatic masturbation.
  • Completely wireless thanks to the built-in battery.
  • Nothing beats a Fleshlight stroker for realism.


  • It’s massive and awkwardly shaped, so it can’t really be used handheld. Kiiroo has made a few different accessories now to help with this, like a wedge pillow with a strap.
  • Bluetooth can be unreliable, and for use in VR, requires the use of an intermediate smartphone app.

View my full review of the Kiiroo Keon at CaraSutra, or watch the video review on YouTube.

Buy the Kiiroo Keon from Kiiroo.com

The Handy

The Scandinavian-designed Handy is a sleek, Wi-Fi-connected machine that uses a fabric strap to lock your stroker of choice to the side of the device. While it’s not compatible with the heavier Fleshlight-style sleeves, there are plenty of exciting official options to choose from—or you can use your own small masturbator.

Using the Handy with synchronized videos is as simple as adding your unique connection key to compatible video players, such as HereSphere.

One feature that the Handy has over all the competition is the ability to set a maximum and minimum stroke point which then automatically scales to the scripted action. With other devices, you can often find that a full motion stroke can let you pop out as it reaches the apex. You won’t have that problem with the Handy, and it’s easy to set on the device controls without needing any apps, customizing the device to exactly your profile.

But one thing to note is that the Handy doesn’t have a battery in it. That means it needs to be plugged into an AC socket at all times. This could be seen as an annoyance, but personally, I see it as a good thing. Batteries degrade eventually, rendering the device useless. If the power supply to the Handy breaks, it’s a common replacement that you can find on Amazon.


  • Wi-Fi connectivity makes it easy to connect with other software and video players, without needing a smartphone in-between.
  • You still get a Bluetooth connection mode if you want it.
  • Comprehensive controls to set the stroke range (min to max depth), not just maximum stroke length.
  • Relatively lightweight and quiet.
  • Some hands-free mounting options are available.
  • Better for smaller cocks.


  • The official sleeves are all really tight compared to Fleshlight-style strokers.
  • Can’t handle heavier Fleshlights.
  • Requires a power cable to be plugged in all the time.

Read my full review of the Handy at CaraSutra, or watch the video review on YouTube.

Buy at TheHandy.com


The final option on this list is a DIY, 3D-printed machine, called the Open-source Stroker Robot. But don’t let the DIY aspect put you off—it’s also the best, most versatile, and most dynamic automatic stroker you’ll find. It works with any Fleshlight, but you can also print an adaptor if you’d like to use it with other strokers.

via RedGIFs

As well as stroking up and down at various speeds and depths, the OSR2 adds another axis of control for side-to-side or back-to-front tilting motions. There are even optional extras for a programmable suction valve and a twisting axis!

While the OSR2 can be synced up to VR and other scripted videos, they won’t make use of the full range of motion offered by the OSR2. For that, you’ll either need to use some custom controller software, or connect it to a compatible VR game that’s specifically been programmed to support it.

You’ll need access to a 3D printer, as printing services can be prohibitively expensive, and you’ll find a public version of the OSR2 code, models, and build guide here. You’ll need to pay for access to the TempestVR Patreon for at least a month to unlock the latest design files, updated software, or optional add-ons—but the basic design is free (and superb).

If two axes just isn’t enough for you, there’s even an SR6 design featuring a full six-degrees of freedom!

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Rubjoy, The Blowjob Robot

The newest addition to this list, the Rubjoy is a two-axis stroker that works with small cup masturbators. Unlike most of the strokers on this list, the Rubjoy can swivel as it moves up and down, resulting in a very realistic motion of a head bobbing up and down.

The Rubjoy doesn’t have any buttons, but it connects easily to an app over Bluetooth, from which you can manually control the movement, record a sequence of movements, or playback any previously saved routines.

It ships with a versatile mounting system that includes a pivoting arm and a large acrylic plate to sit or lie on. This makes it truly hands-free out of the box, and it’s the best mounting system I’ve come across yet. It’s also compatible with RAM mounts, so if that’s not good enough, you can DIY something more suitable.


  • Versatile mounting system for hands-free usage.
  • Easy to use and reliable app.


  • Won’t work with large, heavy strokers like a Fleshlight.
  • App features are a little sparse currently – doesn’t sync to VR or porn videos, for instance.
  • More expensive than other options at $300.

Read my full review of the Rubjoy robot.

Lovense Solace

Lovense has officially entered the fray, with an automatic stroker that has a lot in common with the Kiiroo Keon. With adjustable depth (up to 2.75 inches or 70mm) and variable stroke speed control (up to 280 strokes per minute), the Solace can also sync up to compatible video platforms and games. It includes a desk mount, and uses a custom, replaceable stroker sleeve, with an optional “realistic” sleeve also available. At just over $200, it’s one of the more affordable options on this list, but doesn’t offer any suction features.

lovense solace

Unfortunately, Lovense didn’t want me to review their device, so I can’t comment much further—but it is worth noting that it has an average Amazon rating of 2.5 stars, with the biggest complaints being how loud it is, and how weak the motor is.


  • Affordable, at just over $200 total, including the stroker sleeve and desktop mounting.


  • No suction.
  • Custom sleeves, not compatible with Fleshlights.

So—Which is Right for You?

This isn’t an exhaustive list by any means; but these are the best. You’ll find plenty of cheap and cheerful thrusting masturbators on AliExpress, for instance. But don’t expect them to last long, they won’t sync up to videos, and you’ll quickly tire of them.

But which is right for you?

  • Are you smaller than average? I’d recommend the Handy. The selection of sleeves is less exciting, but they’re all a lot tighter than the FeelStars from Kiiroo or Fleshlights.
  • Do you want feel like you’re getting a blowjob? The Rubjoy can’t be beaten for its realistic two-axis motion that emulates a moving head, and it works with lots of smaller strokers.
  • Do you want the most realistic-feeling sleeves? The FeelStar sleeves to use with the Kiiroo Keon can’t be beaten for a realistic feeling.
  • Will you primarily use it from a web browser with 2D porn? The Kiiroo Keon with the new FeelMeAI service is ideal, integrating simply with hundreds of your favorite porn sites.
  • Will you primarily use it with VR videos? The Handy offers the easiest integration with apps like HereSphere or SexLikeReal—all you need to do is enter your secret device key.
  • Do you have a 3D printer, soldering skills, and a VR headset? The OSR2 can’t be beaten on cost, and offers the best overall experience (once it works). But you’ll have to print it all out, program the microcontroller board, and connect up the cables. Oh, and then figure out the VR side of things…