Suction is quickly becoming the new hotness in male sex toys, and the Twijoy Night is no exception. Combine a spin sensation with sucking function, interactive control through Bluetooth, wrapped neatly in an affordable masturbator package, and you have the Twijoy Night.

Unboxing the Twijoy Night is nothing exceptional, with rather generic-looking packaging. Inside you’ll find a natty pair of earbuds and a charging cable. Like a lot of masturbators, you can plug in the headphones to hear a 10-second loop of some random girl panting and making generic sex noises. It doesn’t relate or sync to the content, so some porn on your smartphone is probably the better choice, but it’s there if you want it.

The Twijoy Night measures 9cm in diameter and 25cm long, with a rubber cap covering the charging and headphone port. In theory, it’s water resistant, so can be used in the shower.

For ease of cleaning, all the washable parts of the device can be removed. This consists of the bulk of the exterior case (not the motor and battery part at the top), the interior rotation sleeve, and the separate vaginal lips piece.

The sleeve parts of made of TPE, which will eventually degrade over time, but the ease of washing and drying means you should be able to keep it in top condition longer than average for TPE. While I would always prefer toys to be made of platinum silicone as they’ll potentially keep forever, in truth, TPE gives a far more lifelike feeling.

Unlike a lot of strokers which consist of a single sleeve you shove into the case, this approach of being able to separate each part gives a lot of flexibility. The interior mechanism is particularly interesting, consisting of a basket into which the stroker sleeve sits. You may find other strokers that can fit into this just as effectively, or you can try wrapping something around the edge to increase the amount it squeezes on your cock.

It’s essentially that the end cap and lips piece is affixed securely for the suction function to work, but if you just want spinning, there’s nothing to stop you leaving the end off entirely. Just make sure your choice of sleeve will cover the sharp plastic edges of the basket.

Sucking and Spinning

The Twijoy night offers two sensations.

The first is suction, which felt really strong, but not so much that it feels like your dick got trapped in a vacuum. For the built-in programs, it’s a nice, natural feeling that’s not too overwhelming; Twijoy claim it’s more like a vaginal contraction.

One thing that I really love about the device controls is that if you don’t want a pulsating suction experience from the regular programs, you also have fully manual control over the suction amount, just using two buttons, which will increase or decrease the suction level. Simple, and this is great for if you want to just stroke without anything automated, or perhaps tease someone, or even just fluff a cock up. Like most suction machines or milkers you can go in flaccid and use the suction to engorge your penis with very little effort.

Then you get the spinning function. I love it when a toy on the one hand claims a natural feeling that emulates real vaginal contractions… then juxtaposes it with “oh and by the way it spins around your dick”. I don’t know about you, but I’d class the spin function as somewhat less realistic. If realism is what you’re after, I’d recommend an automated stroker-type machine that moves up and down, either the Handy, or Kiiroo Keon (which also recently added a suction mechanism upgrade).

As for how the spinning function feels… it just didn’t do it for me. It’s not that it’s too abrasive — it isn’t. The soft TPE knobbly bits on the inside offer just the right amount of squish. Maybe it just takes more getting used to. After all, a spinning sensation on your cock isn’t something most of us have a lot of experience with, I expect. It just felt.. strange. It felt like I was constantly on the precipice of cumming, but just needed a little… more. Perhaps a little rumbly vibration.

It’s Interactive. Sort Of.

The Twijoy app is your portal to a range of experiences, but it’s quite disjointed, and the interactive features aren’t nearly as developed as I’d like.

Upon opening the app, you’ll find a selection of premade AI chatbots you can message, or create a custom one. I was hoping there might be some kind of interactive experience here where you could get some fake pictures sent to you, or get the AI to control the Twijoy Night toy…. but apparently not. It’s not clear why this part of the app exists, or what you can do with it. I asked one of the bots if they could control my Twijoy Night toy, and they turned into an assistant offering to answer questions about it.

To access the actual interactive features, you’ll need to head over to the live cams tab. You’ll get a number of tokens that you can use for private shows, though I must admit, I’ve never liked the awkward nature of a one-on-one webcam session, so I skipped on this offer, hoping that I could use the interactive portion without handing over control.

Still, you’ll need to stay on this live cams screen and click the button in the top right to find the option to pair your toy Twijoy Night – “Add Toy”. It should be detected over Bluetooth, though you’ll need to say yes to the exact locations permission. And then.. well, it’s not clear. It seems there are no local interactive features, only the ability to create a link to share with a performer or your partner.

So, I tried that—loading the supplied link on another phone. Not only is there a long delay in getting a response from the toy, but it doesn’t control any of the suction either, only the spinning. Slower speeds oscillate back and forth; the highest speed just spins.

The interactive portion of the Twijoy Night is probably the most disappointing aspect. They could enhance it by at the very least adding local control from the app (and hopefully the suction is exposed over Bluetooth as well), because right now all it feels like it’s designed to funnel into buying tokens for live shows, and even then… I’m not sure it’s worth the bother.

Will the Twijoy Night Be Right for You?

Your experience may vary. Sex toys are entirely subjective, and an experience that may work for me won’t necessarily work for you. I will say that if you’ve tried other cock spinner toys and found them to be enjoyable but too rough, this might be better for you. The internal texture is softer than similar toys.

But if you’ve tried another spinner and decided the sensation isn’t for you at all, this isn’t going to offer anything different, other than the additional suction mechanism.

Like all toys with a hard external case, there is a limit to the size of cock that’ll fit in here. Twijoy recommends anything up to 5.7” in circumference, which is certainly bigger than I am so I had no trouble, nor would I call it tight, but I’m decidedly on the smaller size. It also seemed to work fine on our test cock, but those above 7.5” or who have found issues with similar products in the past may want to stick with larger masturbator toys like Fleshlights.

Is this the best male masturbator out there? No, but for the price it’s not bad. You’ll need to spend at least double that to get a good realistic stroking machine. The Twijoy Night is a cut above your generic suction or rotation masturbators at least, but the weak interactive features let it down.