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Product Reviews

Beating Expectations With A Panty Vibrator: Barefoot Sub discovers the joy of a budget-friendly vibrator that can be hidden under your clothing and remote-controlled.

Review of the Joi Thrust by Honeyplaybox: An ergonomic curve, combined with thrusting action, and a flicking tongue?! Well, now I am intrigued.

The Hottest Vibe of the Year! See the Snail Curve in Action: A video review from better of the possibly the most bizarre vibrator I’ve ever seen—and I’ve seen a lot. The concept is an insertable dual-stim vibrator with a unique design that means the external stimulus is in constant contact—but you’ll have to watch the video for yourself to find out how!

Review: Magic Wand Micro: A “micro” version of the classic, though the lack of waterproofing is concerning, when there are plenty of small wands that can be used in the shower.

Midnight Menagerie Teufl: As long as you don’t try to pronounce it, the Teufl is a lovely-looking fantasy dildo from an Australian indy-maker. With a nice taper for easy insertion, dragon-like ridges, and a knotty bulb, this one will likely hit all the best spots.

The Best Fucking Machine to Buy in 2023 – this is my submission :) The modern web is full of fake reviews, and unfortunately, there’s a lot of crap out there when it comes to fucking machines. There’s also some truly mind-blowing, reliable, and powerful machines though. Invest in your sex life—you won’t be disappointed! A fucking machine is also a wonderfully safe way of introducing a “virtual” 3rd person into your sex (as depicted in this month’s lovely featured image, from Pod1213).

Thoughts & Advice on Sex & Relationships

The Joy of Sex for Menopausal Women: How to Reignite the Flame: A great guide on how sex needn’t stop when you’re getting a little older—it just needs tweaking!

Home for the Polydays: Thanksgiving is one of those holidays I wish we had imported to the UK, and this is an eye-opening piece about considerations at those holiday events for polyamorous groups. Certainly one of those things I’d never given a second though to how complicated it must get!

Thoughts & Advice on Kink & Fetish

Maintenance Spanking: Why and How To Add It To Your Relationship: This is absolutely something I need in my life now – thanks!

Erotic Fiction

Red Panties and Purple Passions: This blog post was supposed to be finished an hour ago. This right here is why it wasn’t.

Bedroom Eyes 30: A lesson in the power of a name when objectifying a slave.

Books and Movies

Queer, Kinky, Poly Dracula And Its (Mis)Readings: A fascinating long critique of the conventional interpretations of “Dracula,” where Miss Pearl emphasizes its kinky, queer, and feminist elements, and challenges the tendency to oversimplify and misread the novel’s portrayal of sexuality and power dynamics.

Walk All Over Me (2007): The Celluloid Dungeon: I’ll add it to the watchlist anyway, but it seems the kink adds little more than some titilation to this comedy/drama.

Sex Work

Come to Dubai Habibi: It turns out ChatGPT can write pretty good poetry after all! (And if I were in Dubai, I absolute would take partake)

Locktober Special: A report on her slave’s Locktober experiences, most of who are new to chastity. I admit, I failed miserably this Locktober. A few days are the most I can manage without going stir-crazy.

Kink: Prostate massage: Now this more up my alley, and a compelling argument for why every prostate owner should have a go!

On Promises (site appears to be down, will update later!)

Facility X Dungeon: The place sounds amazing—and not too pricey either. It reminds of the love hotels I used to frequent in Japan, rentable by the hour and often themed. Sadly, I never made it to the famous Hello Kitty SM room before it was shut down, but there were plenty of other exciting rooms.

Censorship: Apprently, Google is removing sex workers from the SERPs, and the author found turning off personal search results fixes it (but only for you, of course, and you lose the benefits of personal search in the process). Given the volatility of search results and the major updates in the past few months, I’m not sure this one was specifically targeting sex workers (and Google certainly hasn’t confirmed it), so it’s worthy of further study. A worrying development either way, I’m sure you’ll agree.

The F-Machine Gigolo Fucking Machine: I’ll have to agree to disagree on the “best sex machine” label of this one, but it’s not a bad little machine by any means. My first fucking machine was from F-Machine too—so I can attest the build quality is good, but it lacks some of the more advanced features like app control that take a machine from “oh wow, this is nice” to “holy fucking shitballs what’s going on in my groin right now”.

That’s it for this month!