The Pulse Solo Interactive—a collaboration between Hot Octopuss and Kiiroo—is unlike any interactive male sex toy that you’ve tried before. While I love the various automated stroker machines that are available now, more often than not I play with a vibrator instead. Sure, it’s not a “realistic” sensation, but it can be more intense and better for playing with a partner. It’s a lot easier to tease with a vibrator than an automated stroker. What’s so special about the Pulse Solo Interactive?

Note that vibrations on your penis can be an acquired taste. If you’re not sure if it’ll be right for you, it might be worth having a go with a much cheaper wand vibrator first, just to get a feel for things. 

What is the Pulse Solo Interactive?

The Pulse Solo Interactive is a vibrator, but specifically designed for penises. A “guybrator”, if you will. Moreover, it has Bluetooth connectivity that allows you either play remotely or sync up to the action in various scripted videos and even some games. 

The Pulse Solo Interactive is essentially the same as the Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Lux model, but instead of a physical remote control, it includes app connectivity via Bluetooth instead. There are still some buttons on the Pulse Solo itself for manual control and selecting some of the built-in patterns, but we’ll delve deeper into the interactive part of this device later as that’s really where the magic lies.

The Pulse line of toys from Hot Octopuss is not new—this is the fifth or sixth iteration, in fact. By my calculations, that means it must really good to have stuck around for this long and can only have gotten better over the years.

Pulse Solo Design

The Pulse Solo Interactive is built around what Hot Octopuss calls Oscillating Pulse Plate technology, a sort of hyper vibrator specifically for your cock. It’s a roughly 1-inch diameter rubbery section inside the toy that’s designed to press up against the head of your cock. The vibrations in this model run at a maximum of 4450RPM. I’m surprised they haven’t listed equivalent horsepower, given the target market. Suffice to say, it’s ridiculously powerful, and I’d challenge you to last more than a minute with this in Turbo mode. 

The Pulse Solo Interactive is about the size of a clenched fist and weighs 10.2oz or 290g. It features two large rubber wings on one side that envelop your cock and keep it held in place, enabling the toy to be used completely hands-free. On the inside of this cock-munching robovibe you’ll find that pulsing plate, which is where the vibrations come from.

On either side of the Pulse Solo are some buttons to control power and Bluetooth, enable Turbo mode, plus manual speed setting.

The Pulse Solo Interactive is also completely waterproof, so feel free to take it into the bath or shower with you. It requires no lubricant to use, and you don’t even need to be erect—just pop it over the end of your cock and the wings will keep it held in place. I guarantee you won’t stay limp for long.

On the underside is a magnetic charging port, to be used with the custom charging cable supplied. This only works one way, and the magnet isn’t particularly strong, so make sure you’ve placed it on something secure.

As well as a charging cable, you also get a small Hot Octopuss branded storage pouch in the box.


You should expect about an hour of use out of the Pulse Solo Interactive, which is relatively short, so you’ll probably want to plug it in after each session.


One of the biggest selling points of the Pulse Solo Interactive is the ability to “synchronize” to on-screen action, an ability shared by other Kiiroo interactive toys, such as the Keon automated stroker (which I reviewed over at CaraSutra). The scripts that dictate how the toy responds at specific times are usually programmed to match an and down stroking motion to match with the movement of the actress. But for a vibration-based toy, the intensity or speed of vibration changes instead. 

This works with a variety of services, including a selection of free Pornhub Interactive videos if you just want to get started quickly and test it out, such as in the example below. Just open the video you want from the Interaction section, click on Sync to Interactive Toy, then scan the resulting QR code with the Feel Connect app (Android | iOS) on your smartphone.

Syncing up with VR videos is a bit more complicated. You’ll need to source your own .funscript file, for a start. The easiest way I’ve found is to use the SexLikeReal player app, either for PCVR, or sideloaded onto a Meta Quest 2. You’ll also need to use a smartphone as a middleman to run the Haptics Connect (Android) app, and sync it up to your SLR account by logging in to your account from your smartphone. The reason you still need to use your smartphone is that the Pulse Solo Interactive only features Bluetooth and not Wi-Fi. This is perhaps the biggest flaw of the Pulse Solo Interactive, and I really hope the next version integrates Wi-Fi connectivity.

So how does feel to use the toy interactively? It’s unique and fun to have the toy controlled by something external, and means you can lie back and focus on the sensation rather than having to fiddle with some buttons. But since it’s a vibrator rather than a stroker, it’s not as immersive or realistic as having a toy physically slide itself up and down your cock. It’s a different experience entirely, but you might prefer the sensation of vibrations instead.

Your experience will also vary with how the sync script has been created. Some videos will work better than others. I found that “Cock Hero” style videos—typically music video mashups of multiple porn scenes set to a beat you’re supposed to keep up when you stroke—work a lot better with the Pulse Solo than with strokers, for instance. On the other hand, immersive VR videos just don’t quite gel for me when used with vibrations. 

One of the biggest hurdles to using the toy interactively is finding content that’s been coded up for it. To tackle this, Kiiroo has launched a new AI video syncing subscription service, which analyses any video you play in your browser in realtime, rather than relying on pre-coded sequences. However, I haven’t had a chance to test this out yet, so can’t comment on whether it works or not. 

Pulse Solo Interactive vs Kiiroo Keon

The Kiiroo Keon uses the same app and offers the same synchronized video technology as the Pulse Solo Interactive. The big functional difference is that the Keon is an automated stroker, with lifelike sleeves that are moved up and down your cock automatically.

In terms of realism and immersion, nothing compares to the feel of the Keon (and its huge range of sleeves that are modeled after real pornstars). However, compared to the Pulse Solo, there’s a lot more fuss and setup involved. You’ll need to use plenty of lubricant, and you should be erect before you can use the Keon. You also need to keep hold of the Keon, so it’s not really hands-free, even if it is automated. The Keon is quite a large toy (and noisy), and it’s not waterproof due to the mechanism of sliding the stroker up and down.

With the Pulse Solo, you needn’t be erect to use it. The silicon wings ensure it stays attached to your cock for truly hands-free use. You don’t need lubricant, and it’s fully waterproof. It’s a lot smaller, and a lot quieter.

But really, if you’re trying to decide between the Pulse Solo or Keon, it’s going to come down to whether you enjoy vibrations, or would rather the realism of a stroker.

The Ultimate Interactive Guybrator?

It would be tricky to recommend dropping a few hundred dollars on an interactive vibrator if you’ve not played with a regular vibrator yet. So your first step is to try out a vibrator and see how it feels to you. Then, if a higher-powered, interactive version of that which you could use hands-free sounds like a thing you could be into, then the Pulse Solo is definitely worth getting.

The sensations are incredible. The fact you can use it hands-free is great, especially if you’re playing with a partner as it means their hands are also free to use elsewhere. For those who enjoy bondage, the remote functionality is great for teasing play. It’s also small enough that you could pack it into your pants, though I can’t promise you’ll be all that discreet once it kicks in.


The final point to consider is the interactive portion of the toy. The Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Lux is essentially the same device, but with zero connectivity for video sync or smartphone control. Instead, it includes a basic remote control, and it’s a bit cheaper.

For me, the ability to sync up with interactive videos and even some games (via the Xtoys website) is well worth it, and something I really enjoy when playing alone. In addition, the Bluetooth connectivity means that the Pulse Solo Interactive is fully compatible with other toys in the Kiiroo range, so you can play remotely with a partner across the world, and have your toys sync to theirs. If you have a long-distance partner, this could be a really fun enhancement. But if none of those interactive features sound useful or fun to you, you might as well opt for “dumber” version of the Pulse Solo Lux instead, and save some money.

For me, the Kiiroo Pulse Solo Interactive is easily a 9.5 out of 10. The only reason I’ve knocked 0.5 off is because of the Bluetooth connectivity, which just isn’t as simple to use as WiFi. Still, it’s a very minor point. The Pulse Solo Interactive is one hell of a toy.